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“SNL Korea” Improves Viewer Ratings with a Shift from 19+ to 15+ Content


Back in its fifth season, tvN’s “SNL Korea” has lost some of its more explicit content and political satire. With this, along with a cast and format change, the show has broadened the scope of its audience and recorded its highest viewer ratings yet.

The new fifth season of “SNL Korea,” which started in January, has shifted from 19+ content to 15+ content, and moved the air time up by about an hour, from 11pm (KST) to 9:50pm (KST). Moreover, getting rid of their ‘weekly update’ corner, they’ve added a ‘people update’ talk-show- like segment for cast member Yoo Hee Yeol. Following these changes, reception of the show has improved, and the show has put down a record viewer rating of 2.2%. However, while the show has a better reception overall, there are still those who protest the change in content.

Soompiers, did you prefer the old 19+ SNL, or do you like the new 15+ SNL?

source: soompi
Tags: tv shows, yoo hee yeol

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