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Girl Group Billion Debuts and Releases “Dancing Alone” Music Video

They carried themselves unlike rookies as Billion‘s debut stage on Mnet‘s “M! Countdown” displayed the group’s charm. On March 20, Billion performed their debut track “Dancing Alone,” and the six member group showcased their catchy choreography and talented vocals. Using the 1980′s American boy band, New Kids On the Block, as the group’s motif, Billion has impress the K-Pop industry with their unique color.

As “Dancing Alone’s” catchy beats and easy melody becomes addictive to music listeners, the group hopes to be able to show more of their unique music personalities. Billion plans to promote in 9 different countries besides Korea, setting the stage for the group’s advancement in the global music market.

They're pretty and I like the song

Soompi, Move Entertainment
Tags: debut, music video, nugu

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