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M.I.B comeback track "Chisa'Bounce" is going to be awesome but Cream hurt his arm :(

from soompi:

Cream of hip hop group M.I.B is currently hospitalized due to a serious injury in his right arm.

Early in the morning of March 25, the idol fell down the stairs at a recording studio in Hongdae, causing a glass window in front of him to shatter. A check-up at the hospital revealed that 20 stitches were needed to treat his arm, and he is currently recovering from the operation.

Due to the injury being a severe one, he has to wear a cast and protect his arm. According to their original plan, M.I.B is supposed to hold their comeback showcase on March 27, but Cream’s injury has caused them to reconsider their schedule.

Their agency has not yet decided whether Cream will join the rest of the members after he recovers, or whether he should be completely excluded from the upcoming activities.

M.I.B’s official comeback stage will take place on April 2 in Japan, where MNet’s “Global M!Countdown” is held. Their title track “Bounce” is said to be an addictive and memorable song with M.I.B’s energetic hip hop sound.

Sources: CJENMMusic Official, soompi

you guys, M.I.B is so good and so good-looking ugh
Tags: accident, comebacks, m.i.b, teaser

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