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Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung Share Beauty Tips

Yoo In Na and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung shared their beauty tips on skincare.

March 26’s broadcast of On Style’s Get It Beauty will introduce ways to protect the skin from residue in the air by using water, honey and salt.

During filming, Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung got tested for the level of moisture and firmness of their skin. Despite being nervous to get tested, Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung both received ‘very high’ scores on both moisture and firmness, proving that they take good care of their skin.

Yoo In Na revealed, “You all know that water is good for skin, but it’s not easy to remember to drink it. So I set an alarm on my phone for every hour, and every time it goes off, I drink a cup of water.”

Jae Kyung also shared, “I cleanse my skin everyday, but if you mix in honey with cleansing oil and massage your skin, it’s really good for your skin.”

The show also revealed that mixing cleansing cream with salt, which has both antibiotic and detoxification effects, can remove fine dust off the skin.

Source: YG United

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