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CL to Collaborate with SKRILLEX: Would She become the Next Muse for the U.S. Pop Music Market?


YG Entertainment’s girl group 2NE1′s leader CL is expected to leave a deep impression on the U.S. pop music market.

Following the release of 2NE1′s 2nd regular album “CRUSH,” CL collaborated with Dubstep DJ SKRILLEX on his new album which is expected to make its way into the top 10 list of Billboard’s album chart, Billboard 200.

According to a recent report by Billboard regarding the rankings on Billboard 200, it stated, with great expectations, “The DM superstar SKRILLEX’s 1st regular album “RECESS” will be ranked within the top 10 list on Billboard 200.” Prior to the report, “RECESS” ranked No. 1 on iTunes Main Album Chart right after its release on March 18, attracting immense attention.

Along with G-DRAGON of BIGBANG, YG Entertainment’s main producer TEDDY, and CHOICE37, CL collaborated with SKRILLEX on his new album “RECESS.” YG artists participated in making the song called “DIRTY VIBE,” in which CL and G-DRAGON’s charismatic rapping skills are impressive.

As it became certain that SKRILLEX’s new album will make the top 10 on Billboard 200, his collaboration partners CL and G-DRAGON are also expected to receive media spotlight from the U.S. pop music market.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON has been under intense spotlight of famous media outlets in the U.S., such as “The Hollywood Reporter,” “,” and “HYPEBEAST,” as a pop icon leading the latest fashion trends.

CL, in particular, is expected to get more recognition in the global pop music market with 2NE1′s 2nd regular album setting K-POP’s record by ranking No. 61 on Billboard 200 and her participation on SKRILLEX’s new album. Furthermore, as the news spread out that CL made an appearance on the new music video of PSY, a global star who’s getting enormous attention from pop music fans all over the world, she’s expected to bring even greater ripple effect in the global pop music market.

Previously, CL, as a member of 2NE1, has been actively collaborating with global pop stars. She caught the eyes of an American rapper and worked on his album “#willpower” alongside Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus.

On the other hand, CL will travel to Shanghai, China, on April 11 for 2NE1′s world tour “ALL OR NOTHING” and meet with local fans.

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