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South Korean President calls for "a green way of life"

Addressing the nation, President Lee Myung-bak calls for energy efficiency as it will yield results faster than development of new technology.

by : Morten Andersen

Depending almost entirely on imports for its energy supply, South Korea is one of the countries projected to be most affected by a future of scarce and expensive energy resources. While alternative technologies will need to be found, President Lee Myung-bak encourages a greener way of life as a first effort.

“There is something more important than green technology, and that is a green way of life,” Lee said in a national radio address according to news agency Xinhua, while adding that “it is easier for individuals to change into a green life than to develop green technology in terms of time and money.”

President Lee Myung-bak said a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would equal 1 billion US dollars saved on imports.

Last week, South Korea’s Presidential Committee on Green Growth presented a range of greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for 2020 for the government to choose from.

source : via WWF_Climate twitter
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