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Broadcasting companies panicking due to army conscription of top-ranking male actors

Male actors in their twenties will be vanishing from the acting scene and broadcasting companies are worried as these actors are all top-ranking, lead actors that are spearheading the Hallyu wave.

As all men in Korea must enter mandatory military service before the age of 30, mainly stars that were born from 1986 to 1988 are the target to enter service this and next year. These include Yoo Ahin, Kim Hyunjoong, Yoon Siyoon, Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi, Jang Geunsuk, and Kim Soohyun.

Broadcasting companies are especially feeling the pressure as the afore-mentioned actors tend to be the first go-to options for male leads for their dramas. These actors are, however, turning their heads to movies for their next schedules to try to lessen the impact of their absence to the public while on their hiatus putting broadcasting companies in a dilemma when casting for future dramas. (As movies are filmed in advance, enlisting actors tend to prefer to film movies before entering service so that these movies will play in theaters while the actors are in the military, creating a facade that the actors are still promoting so that the public do not forget about their presence.)

Fans do not have to fret too much, however, as there will also be much-loved actors returning to the celebrity scene from enlistment as well. Actors Song Joongki, Yoo Seungho, and Lee Jaehoon will be completing their service in 2015 March, 2014 December, and 2014 July respectively. As all three actors received explosive attention and love before enlisting, the effect of their return is also something to look forward to.

This transition may bring a fresh breeze to Korean media and we anticipate what the future holds in store!

Sources: Sports Donga, Koreaboo
Tags: actor/actress, army, jang geun seok, kim hyun joong, kim soo hyun, lee min ho, lee seung gi, song joong-ki, yoo ah in, yoo seung ho

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