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Big Bang’s T.O.P Sells Out 999 Copies of ‘FROM TOP’ in 30 Minutes

With every other fan wanting an entire book of his face, Big Bang’s T.O.P sold out 999 copies of his first pictorial record, FROM TOP in 30 minutes.

On March 26, the pre-orders for the special edition pictorial records with T.O.P and photographer, Hong Jang Hyun’s handwritten numbers, began at 11 AM (KST) through the YG shop. Within 30 minutes, all 999 copies were sold out.

The pre-orders for the regular edition of the pictorial record will take place between April 1 and April 8.

The official release date is April 9.

The pictorial record hopes 400 pages of photos of T.O.P, which were taken in New York with Hong Jang Hyun over a period of a week. The pictorial record will also include high quality videos as well.

Soucer: mwave

Let's face it, nobody is even surprised. It was expected and I... failed in getting my copy.
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