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A 100% post ~

Changbum's Instagram update

WOW I knew 100% practiced singing while running but Rokhyun sounds flawless and Chanyong playing the guitar? Bless you Changbum for this

The Real 100% Hug Event Together With 100%


Cheerful, Refreshing, Delightful Talk With 100% Who Came Back With "Beat"

100% has returned fully charged as a 5 members group after leader Minwoo’s enlistment and member Sanghoon’s withdrawal and made a comeback in the entertainment world with their new mini album 'bang the bush'.

'beat'is a dance song with addictive melody combined with 100% members’ dynamic performance. Just like the group’s name, they are always prepared to put and show 100% of their energy in their performances, bringing forth their manliness.

The members displayed powerful performances clad in costumes and accessories resembling gladiators from the Middle Ages, giving glimpses of those muscular abs on the stage but once they’re off the stage, it’s no doubt that they’re just like any fresh young adults. Let's have a cheerful, refreshing and delightful talk with these playful, mischievous and witty members of 100%.

# New Fullly Charged 100%!

Q: Leader Minwoo got enlisted so who is the leader now?

Rokhyun: I'm the leader now. When leader Minwoo-hyung was around, I didn't care much about leadership but now that I'm one, it feels different. When Minwoo-hyung was around and although I'm the second oldest, I was always at the back. Now I'm the leader, I have to prepare myself to take up the responsibility. Minwoo-hyung used to scold the members and asking them to keep quiet but since I like to talk a lot, I just let the members be. I'm a laissezfaire leader (laughs).

Q: You’ve become a 5 members group. When do you feel the emptiness left by the other 2 members most?

Rokhyun: We received a pack of Minwoo-hyung’s personal clothing from the training camp not too long ago. We weren't upset or anything but that was when reality sink in.

Jonghwan: The dormitory feels empty.

Hyukjin: Especially when we return to the dormitory or when we’re in the car.

Rokhyun: Chanyong felt the loneliness more since he shared a room with MInwoo-hyung.

Chanyong: I’m using both the bunk beds. I like it (smile).

Q: It seems that only Changbum isn’t a member of the unit-group 100% V? And Changbum, Minwoo and Sanghoon are the visuals of the group.

Changbum: Since I have the qualities of a visual, that’s why my name is there (laughs). I’m 100% visual.

Q: So what’s the visual ranking among 100% members?

Changbum: First of all, I’m No. 1 (laughs). Next is Chanyong and 3rd is Jonghwan-hyung. There’s not much difference for the rest of the members (laughs). If I have to say, Rokhyun is 4th and the last place is Hyukjin. But this only based on looks, only on looks. Hyukjin is good looking in general.

Rokhyun: Does that mean I’m not good looking in general?

Changbum: Of course not since hyung is good in singing (laughs).

Q: In that case, how will Hyukjin rank the members according to their charming points?

Hyukjin: Oh yeah!!!!! I’ll rank the members according to how well they suit the concept for this album. First is Chanyong and I’m in 2nd place (smile). The rest of the members are similar. If I have to say, last place is Changbum.

Changbum: Even so, I’ve been ranked 1st and you’re only 2nd.

Q: The music video is pretty shocking. Are there any behind stories/episodes?

Chanyong: It’s my first time being in the center. I feel bad for the member who was supposed to be standing in the center. Originally, Hyukjin, Jonghwan-hyung and Rokhyun-hyung were the main characters but instead of Hyukjin, I was asked to be in the center instead. Although I fee bad for him but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do (laughs).

Jonghwan: We were filming the music video when the music video director asked us to change our positions since the video looks nice with Chanyong standing in the middle. Therefore Chanyong doesn’t need to feel bad actually.

Hyukjin: I didn’t think that Chanyong took away my place. But because I was asked to change position during the filming, I panicked of course since the steps for the group dance will not be synchronized. The filming for the group dance alone took many hours, starting from 9AM till 8PM.

Chanyong: The music video director’s birthday fell on the same day as the filming for our music video. We were filming the music video topless when suddenly the group Sistar came over to wish the music director happy birthday. We quickly put on our clothes before greeting them (laughs).

Jonghwan: We’ve really worked hard preparing for this. We spent a lot of time making adjustments to the dance moves and came up with the final dance choreography 2 days before we filmed the music video. In order to fill in the gaps, we not only used our waists, necks and knees but other parts of the body as well. What you see in our performances is the real deal.

# 100% Introduction Party…”I’ll confess now”

The close friendship between 100% members. We gave these 5 members the chance to praise each other’s strengths and point out their weaknesses. However, the were not allowed to insult, attack or assault each other after the interview is published.

From Jonghwan to Chanyong

Jonghwan: Unlike the other 2 younger members, Chanyong is diligent. The other members don’t look like they’re diligent. They’re lazy and tardy.

Hyukjin: But I’m not tardy.

Jonghwan: I didn’t mean it in a negative sense. It’s cute isn’t it?

Changbum: This is how misunderstandings occur among the members.

Jonghwan: Chanyong is diligent but he has a stubborn streak as well. That’s why both Hyukjin and Chanyong always get into fights with each other (laughs).

Chanyong, Hyukjin: We don’t fight (in a rage).

From Chanyong to Changbum

Chanyong: I hope that you’ll consider more before doing something.

Changbum: Only today! That’s how I am!

Chanyong: I just hope that you’ll take things more seriously since you’re very playful. He’s really very playful.

Rokhyun: Because he’s very sociable by nature.

Changbum: I can see that you’re standing up for me. Ha!

Chanyong; He’s the mood-maker. Although I was the mood-maker during "bad boy" promotion period.

Jonghwan: He’ll make people laugh once he opens his mouth. Really funny. Just funny.

Rokhyun: During our concert, Changbum’s eldest sister said he is funniest when he speaks. She said he’s very witty.

Changbum: My sister thinks it’s fun to make us feel embarrassed.

From Changbum to Hyukjin

Changbum: Hyukjin rarely cleans up the room.

Rokhyun: The both of you are similar.

Changbum: I’ll clean up my own mess.

Changbum: The both of us are messy. I don’t clean up the rubbish while Hyukjin doesn’t put away his clothes properly. I sleep on the upper bunk bed so I find it troublesome to throw away the rubbish. Originally both of us wanted to sleep on the lower bunk bed. So in replacement of me taking up the upper bunk bed, Hyukjin becomes my hands and legs, helping me to throw away my rubbish.

Jonghwan: Hyukjin’s clothes are piled up like mountains and strewn everywhere.

Changbum: That’s why he needs to use a perfume.

Jonghwan: Changbum’s wittiness has to be used more widely, really.

From Hyukjin to Rokhyun

Hyukjin: I know that hyung has put a lot of effort in it. I can feel it. I was originally the slow character. Even if hyung is the leader, there are times when hyung is stuck at the back of the line.

Rokhyun: Looks like I am slow (laughs). But I’ve also thought of supporting the group from the back as a leader (laughs).

Hyukjin: I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Rokhyun: I really listen to the members’ opinions a lot. This is the most important job of being a leader.

Hyukjin: That’s true. Hyung, you’re really the best (smiles).

From Rokhyun to Jonghwan

Rokhyun: We’re roommates now and among the members, he’s the cleanliest. I’m very sensitive to smell and I’m thankful that he has no complaints about that. But I’m always fully clothed? Jonghwan will just takes off his clothes and walks out like that. I’ve helped to picked up his clothes once or twice before (laughs).

Jonghwan: Hold on, I have to say something here. This won’t do (laughs). I won’t stop hyung from saying. You can say whatever you want to say.

Rokhyun: Just let me finish my story then!

In addition, as the leader, Rokhyun is given the power to say a few extra lines to each member. With his shy smile, he left the members a message filled with love.

Rokhyun: Jonghwan is doing a good job being the middle member. Although I’m only 2 years older than the younger members, they support me well from the back. Chanyong is like a man, listening to orders well. Although he has something to say, he’ll keep quiet and listen first. If he wants to voice out his own opinions, he’ll tell the person in private.

As for Changbum (laughs), he only opens his eyes when he wakes up in the morning. You’ll need a whip to wake him up in the morning. Since he sleeps on the upper bunk bed, when you wake him up in the morning, he’ll open his eyes, stare at you and start doing aegyo. And he goes back to sleep after that. Hyukjin who is sleeping on the lower bed will wake up half-asleep, checks his mobile phone and falls back to sleep again (laughs).

Everyone else wakes up fine except for these 2 members who have the most aegyo and are the most hyper in the group. They’re our group’s adrenaline tonic.

Jonghwan: I was in my room minding my business when all the buzz in their room made me curious about what was happening over there. They are really unpredictable.

Hyukjin: We didn’t do much, just doing our own individual things (smiles).

Changbum: But the members are exaggerating. I’m not to be taken lightly with. Hmph!

Other members: You are not.

Changbum: I’m not? It’s fine then (laughs).

In order to solve 100% members’ problems, we paid a tarot card reader a visit. The tarot cards will reveal everything about the members, from the secrets that even their company doesn’t know to their futures and bring them members on their knees. All of these and many more of their stories will continue in the next issue.

The Real 100% SNS


100% Leading The Way For School Violence Prevention Campaign

Appointed as Public Ambassador For School Violence Prevention Campaign Activities by Yeongdeungpo District Police Station

The 5 members idol group 100% has been appointed as the public ambassador for school violence prevention campaign in a ceremony held today, 26th March at 2:30PM at the Yeongdeungpo District Police Station Chief Officer’s office.

In conjunction with this appointment, 100% will be actively involved in upcoming school violence prevention campaign activities and the 100% members promised, “We’ll work hard as public ambassador for this campaign till school violence is 100% eradicated completely.”

Chief Officer Kim Sang Cheol commented, “I’m thankful for 100% participation in this campaign although they’re busy with the promotions for their 2nd album. I’m looking forward and will support their future activities as singers.”

OP: I will forever laugh at the SISTAR story since 100% have said serval times that SISTAR are their favorite girl group (to make dance covers of)

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Sources: JoyNews, News 1, 100PerSubs, Changbum's Instagram, Pictures (1) (2) (3)

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