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Eugene takes on new drama role

Eugene has announced her next acting project, a drama tentatively titled Creating Bonds or Making Fate [인연만들기]. The series is an MBC weekend drama and will follow the just-premiered comic fusion drama Tamra the Island. (That means it airs at an earlier hour and will likely be more family-friendly than the later prime-time shows.)

Based on books written by Hyun Go-woon, the drama combines the novels Finding Fate and Making a Love Destiny, and will be directed by Jang Geun-soo of Chunja’s Happy Events.

Eugene plays the female lead, who moved to Canada when she was ten and has now completed her law studies in the States while caring for her father and grandfather. She decides to marry her Western boyfriend, whom she met in the States, but her father puts his foot down and opposes the match. As she comes to Korea, what arises is a series of comic events. (I dunno, that doesn’t sound all that fun to me. I know this is a drama, but aren’t we beyond the point of opposing matches with Americans, particularly when the girl in question has lived most of her life in America?)

In any case, at least Eugene is an apt choice to play a character who has grown up in English-speaking parts, since she’s one of very few Korean actresses who are completely fluent in English. Her latest movie is the summer horror film Yoga School; before that, she appeared in the romantic comedy Romantic Island, while her last drama series was Three Dads, One Mom. Her new drama will air later this summer.

Source: Osen
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