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Lee Jong Suk accused of 'star disease' for fan mistreatment + comparing him to WooBin


Article: Lee Jong Suk coldly shakes off a fan's present? 'star disease' attitude controversy 'abuzz'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate [video]

1. [+2,731, -79] Saw the video and there's no way to shield it... It takes a moment for a celebrity to reach fame but also a moment for them to fall from grace.

2. [+2,420, -86] Stupid. It's because that a public exists who enjoys your media that you are able to live with wealth that others only dream of. You should've at least kept basic manners even if you didn't like that fan. But then again, our netizens will forget about it after a month and will smile towards you again... but people who have lost interest in you will be long gone.

3. [+1,862, -49] That fan was the only fan who was there. She did not race towards him until he got off of the car and waited until he was standing. All she did was hand over her gift but he didn't even look at her. When she kept trying to give it to him, he shaked her arm off and looked at her ㅡㅡ I've seriously lost any respect I had for him. What a jerk.

4. [+263, -1] Lee Jong Suk, would you be where you are now without fans who wait for you at the airport with gifts? All she wanted to give you was a gift and you were so cold to her...

5. [+255, -4] I always knew he was like this. He shot a scene from his movie with Lee Bo Young at my friend's farm and my friend's mom gave him drinks to encourage him to work hard in the cold, saying her daughter was a huge fan so could she please get an autograph.. He told her that he didn't drink 'things like that' and complained to his manager about the autograph. My friend's mother was a fan through 'I Can Hear Your Voice' but realized he wasn't all he seemed to be on screen after seeing his cocky expression at the drink. I knew he'd be in a controversy like this sooner or later.

6. [+220, -2] At first I thought the captions made it seem worse than it was but after seeing the video, there's no way I can shield it. Not only did he turn his head away from a fan, but he freaked out at her extending her arm towards him and shoved it aside. Did he have to do that to a fan who waited for him since the morning?

7. [+167, -0] I honestly feel bad for that fan. It's not like there was a group of fans, just that one woman right there who had been waiting since the early morning with her gift. How could he shove her aside? I am so disappointed in him, especially since I enjoyed his dramas and movies. This is too much.

8. [+160, -1] If you haven't seen the video yet, don't try to shield this and just go see it ㅋㅋㅋ It's ridiculous

9. [+147, -1] Is it really that hard to smile and thank one fan who waited? ㅋㅋㅋ What makes him think he's so special? The video is seriously no joke. He looks so tired of her and shoved her aside.

10. [+144, -7] For someone who lives off of his image, this will certainly impact his career. Learn from this that you only exist because you have fans.



Article: 'Present rejection' Lee Jong Suk vs 'Shaking hands with both hands' Kim Woo Bin... the difference in fan service between the two stars

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+1,664, -48] Couldn't even think to shield him when I saw the video... A star only exists because of his fans.. Was it that hard to accept a gift? I can already tell what Lee Jong Suk will try to clarify this with. Farewell, Lee Jong Suk.

2. [+1,457, -46] Jong Suk-ah, I was a fan, but farewell..

3. [+1,344, -37] Really only takes one moment to fall from grace...

4. [+149, -6] Didn't Kim Woo Bin give a fangifted t-shirt to his girlfriend? I don't think this is the right comparison...

5. [+94, -5] Kim Woo Bin got mad hated on during his Balmain scandal but the minute he went back to a popular drama, everyone praised him again. Lee Jong Suk will be praised as well once his new drama hits it big ㅋㅋ

WOW...the bit about WooBin was unnecessary and unfair(not to mention suspicious) tbh since he was at a fan meeting and he was supposed to be nice to them..

Source : Netizenbuzz
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