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Alien Oppa chosen as the Face of Coca-Cola in China


Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be the face of Coca-Cola in China.

According to his agency, KEYEAST, on March 27, “Kim Soo Hyun will be signing a contract with Coca-Cola China. We’ve already consented to a verbal agreement.

According to the representative, Kim Soo Hyun is planning to film the commercial in May, and it will begin airing later this year in China.

The rep explained, “Kim Soo Hyun has gained much interest from fans in China after the conclusion of ‘Man from the Stars.’ Although a CF may not confirm his popularity in China, we believe it shows people’s interest in him. We will continue to work hard,

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun signed endorsement contracts with six different brands since the conclusion of “Man from the Stars.” Counting the endorsements he already had prior to the drama, the actor currently endorses 16 separate brands. It is presumed that he has about 20 separate endorsement deals counting the ones currently in the works as well as advertisements overseas.

China really love him

Soompi, ajunews
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