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Mad Clown announces an April Comeback!

Rapper Mad Clown took off his hat before his comeback, catching much attention.

Mad Clown, who dominated music charts with his song “Stupid In Love” with SISTAR’s Soyou last September, will be coming back with his second mini album on April 4.

Yesterday, Starship Entetainment revealed the photo shoot of his second album through their Twitter, officially announcing the comeback. In the photo shoot, Mad Clown took off his trademark hat and wore his hair wavy, against his pale skin.

He also had a stethoscope to his face and portrayed the image of a doctor in a hospital.

Hitting the recording studio once again, SISTAR’s Hyolyn sang her heart out to help a colleague.

On March 28, Starship Entertainment tweeted, “SISTAR’s Hyolyn! Why is she in the recording studio this time? She’s currently recording hard to feature in the title song of Mad Clown’s new mini album, coming on April 4. Please love both Hyolyn and Mad Clown! ^^”

The photos showed Hyolyn wearing a slightly see-through pink sweater and flaunting off her healthy legs, while focusing on the recording session.

Mad Clown will be releasing his second mini album on April 4.

Mad Clown and Hyolyn have worked together before (for Stalker on Hyolyn's Love&Hate album) I hope this song has different feel from that.

src: kpopstarz // mwave

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