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This is it 'Some', the best song right now


The word ‘Some’ was something that was not widespread just few years ago. This emotion refers to ‘not dating someone with opposite gender but the level of developing a relationship to be in a relationship’ (Quoted from NAVER Knowledge In Open Korean Language) and in about 1990s, it was something similar to ‘In between love and friendship’ and in 2000s, ‘Pull and push’ behavior while examining the mind of another was included. These days in 2014, the possibility of having ‘Something’ at school or at work increased a lot and of course, there are also a lot of times when everyone hesitates to say either ‘I love you’, ‘I like you’ or ‘Let’s start dating’. For that reason, lots of people create ‘Some’ (Closely examine one another to see what other person is thinking) and check the reactions of other person.

‘Some’ by SISTAR Soyou and the musician Junggigo, who was active in underground indie scene, changes this feeling into music. Since it is the song about man and woman having ‘something’ in between them, the song is of course man-woman duet, and two vocals portray the man “Who is having tough time” and a mysterious emotion of woman looking at “A cell phone that does not ring even once” as if they are having a conversation. Instead of loving passionately, the rhythm, which is frustrating but has rather a good feeling than bad making it good enough to shake the body slightly, continues. The vocals of Soyou and Junggigo has a voice that has no energy while putting a lot of air and gives off a feeling of Excitement 70% and Anxiety+Annoyed 30%. A ticklish excitement and the uncertain anticipation toward other person. The song portrayed this complex but surely existing emotion and became 1st place in the music chart Melon, which people use the most, by defeating the new songs of GIRLS’ GENERATION and 2NE1 in a row.

Man and woman duet instead of idol groups, sweet R&B style instead of the dance music with army choreography (exactly the same dance move for all members) or sexy dance, the lyrics that are about whether to confess or not instead of passionately loving. This song is not even one of the songs from the drama or the soundtrack from the movie . ‘Some’ did not go with the elements of the songs that are becoming 1st place on public music market these days and went beyond the characteristics of appealing to the public of new songs from GIRLS’ GENERATION and 2NE1. Junggigo participated in writing the lyrics and the song that portrayed in detail the story of dating aroused the reaction that is close to sensation. There is some kind of change in the taste of the public, and the market.


‘Some’ or ‘Witch Hunt’ leads the market as the feeling changes into taste and the taste change into trend.

“It is a song with a lot of good points but the most amazing thing is that it was revealed during the welcoming ceremony of new incoming students right before the start of school.” It is something that is said to be funny but what Yoon Hee Sung, popular culture critic, is saying is this is the crucial reason of why ‘Some’ is popular. In JTBC , lots of stories from ‘Some man / some woman’ asking whether ‘Let’s date’ is ‘Green light’ or not are overflowing. The song is released in the season in which lots of young people want to have ‘something’ and in the season in which they already have ‘something’. ‘Some’ made it come true in a very specific way some kind of emotions of the public and their lifestyles that are not expressed yet. It is same as ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ by Busker Busker proving how much we are waiting for spring even at this moment. The emotion ‘Some’ is an ambiguous emotion but there are already countless numbers of people who feel such emotion. Junggigo had lots of girl fans previously and his songs were good background music for the blogs of lots of people. The rapper Lil Boi, who took part in featuring for this song, is a member of hip hop group Geeks and he became a powerful figure in the music chart with the support from young people. The change in life discovers the emotions that were not felt before and that discovery leads to change in taste and the change in taste becomes a change in trend. ‘Some’ or shows that the new trend officially began to be consumed in popular culture market.


‘Some’ understood the taste of the public and became the best song right now.

But, about ‘Some’, the member board of directors Seo Hyun Joo of Starship Entertainment(Starship), the producing company of this song, had “Confidence in the song” but “This project was not for the purpose of becoming 1st place” and described. The goal was to show another charm of Soyou, the affiliated singer, and to make Junggigo, who signed a contract with Starship X (The label of Starship), widely known. Instead of the vocal that ‘reaches the climax’ in the chorus or dynamic composition, using the singing technique and the melody that gives just a slight good feeling has a case of receiving a comment that “It is weak”. The fact that the collaboration Soyou did before singing ‘Some’ was ‘Stupid in Love’ with the rapper Mad Clown is something that proves this kind of concern. In that song, Soyou pulled off the chorus with a long melody in very deep and desperate way. ‘Some’, which is expressed in well-refined emotions as hip hop-R&B-pop is combined, was made possible only after ‘Stupid in Love’, which mixed the rap and sad ballad, got popular. The chorus of ‘Some’ shows up as soon as Junggigo and Soyou finished singing one part, and is a composition that can be said as having ‘Beginning-end’ rather than ‘Beginning-middle-end’. The man and woman in the song are ‘Pulling and pushing’, but the song lets people listen the part that they are most confident at as soon as possible. Only after going through all of these considerations, ‘Some’ was able to go in front of the public.

For that reason, ‘Some’ redefines the public and the role of popular music producer, who is having ‘some’. The love songs of the past are not easily accepted by the crowd, who is already having ‘something’ before ‘I love you’, ‘I like you’ and ‘Let’s date’. However, it is not possible to reflect a particular tendency that is widespread in indie and SNS the way it is. Experimental elements have to be slowly added up and whether it is girl group members or the soundtrack of a popular drama, the marketing strategy that will spread the music to media is necessary. It is especially true when GIRLS’ GENERATION and 2NE1 are not a company, to the boy groups who has lots of fans or the girl groups who are focusing on sexy concept that gathers the attention. The emotions that the public vaguely feel and the lifestyle is expressed using one word like ‘Some’. Also, make the public able to listen to that song without making extra efforts necessary. To say it one more time, before the public finds good songs, the curator should understand the taste of the public and wraps up in a way in which the public can like it as soon and easy as possible. Along with spring season in which it will be good to have ‘something’, the storm of change is blowing in the popular music market also.

Written by ize, Editor Kang Myung Suk
source: starcast
Tags: indie, sistar

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