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Dispatch takes it to another level: Guess Whose Ear?

[STARCAST] 'Idol ears are ○○ ears~'…STARCAST idols, quiz? Quiz!


♬ "So handsome~ so handsome~ We are not talking about the looks. Do not misunderstand. Their ears are handsome just like their faces~. So handsome~ so handsome~”
The ear is one of the most important features of the face when looking at it from the perspective of the field that studies the luck based on facial features. It is said that it is possible to know the personality, the luck for wealth and luck after getting old by looking at the ears. There are lots of members who have unique-looking ears among idol groups. So they got the nickname of ‘Fairy ears’, ‘half-moon ears’ and ‘Buddha ears’.

This is 3rd version of ‘STARCAST quiz’. The topic this time is ‘To guess the names of boy and girl idols just by looking at their ears’. It will be a little hard. It is the level of ‘Triple luts-triple toe loop’ combination. The targets are limited to idol groups who are included in STARCAST. We chose a total of 20 boys and girl idols and classified them based on the characteristics.

Now then!
☞ First look at the picture that only has the ears.
☞ Look closely at the hints that STARCAST provided.
☞ Make a guess on which group the member is from.
☞ Lastly, enjoy the pictures of idol group members. It is not going to be that difficult for the fans, right?

We have tied two people together according to the characteristics. If you guys happen to answer all of eyes and lips correctly, then you are the real idol mom. Then, should we start with girl groups?

☞ Bling bling ears, piercing mania


Left : She has cute ears to a lovely face. She is a member who likes bling bling earrings just like her name. She is well-known as a piercing mania. Tell me your name~.

Right : Her way to relieve stress is incredibly scary. She says she pierces the ears whenever she gets stressed out. Maybe because of that, she has several piercings on her small ears.

[answer]Answers: 'GIRLS’ GENERATION' Tiffany, Taeyeon

"It looks bling bling, right?"

"Relieved stress"

☞ Half-moon ears that are full of charms


Left : She has round half-moon ears and a V line. She shows off cute looks. Compared to other members, she does not wear earrings often. She is so cool~. Who could it be?

Right : Her round face and ears that look like half-moon are charming. But, she said they look like ‘Donkey ears’ and chose them as her complex. She is referred as a cutie in the team. What’s your name?

[answer]Answers: 'SISTAR' Dasom, '4minute' Kwon So-hyun

"I give you my love~"

"Oh~ baby face"

☞ Big ears to small face


Left : With a face that is the size of the fist, she has big ears. So it looks like her ears, eyes, mouth and nose looks nice. Contrasting from her chic face, she is famous for being bold and does not know embarrassment. Who is this ‘pretty girl’?

Right : Even with the ears, she shouts ‘I am different’. Big ears to a small face can be seen at once. Her piercings are also different. She highlights her ears with either thick or fancy piercings. Is it the reason why she is the best?

[answer]Answers : 'KARA' Goo Ha-ra, '2NE1' Dara

"Please adore me~"

"Preservative look"

☞ Cool Buddha ears


Left : We typically say they are Buddha ears when the ears are big and broad. It is said that they are the ears that will make one to become rich. There are also members who have Buddha ears out of girl groups. Her confident charisma is charming.

Right : She is the tallest member in the group. Just like her tall height, her ears also are cool. Of course, her look is also beautiful. You are greedy since you are taking complete control of work and love, hahaha.

[answer]Answers: '2NE1' CL, 'GIRLS’ GENERATION' Sooyoung

"Charisma leader"

"Different kind of height, different kind of ears"

☞ Cute small ears


Left : Words that express this member is ‘chic’ and ‘proud’. However, her ears are small and cute. For that reason, her cute charms are highlighted when tying the hair upwards. Who is this ‘ice princess’?

Right : Her ears that look spongy~is memorable. It also matches well with her small face. Her ears are shown often now since she got a short haircut. The girl we want to meet on Friday, can you get a sense of who she is?

[answer]Answers : 'GIRLS’ GENERATION' Jessica, IU

"At least the ears are cute"

"Ears that look spongy"

Girl groups, did you guys get a lot of them right? Are you guys saying it is a little hard? It is boy idol groups this time. For boy idol groups, we slightly~ lowered the difficulty level. Now then, should we begin?

☞ Full of charms fairy ears


Left : It is said that 'SHINee' Taemin refers to the ears of this member as ‘Limited edition’. He looks like a house elf ‘Dobby’ that appears on Harry Potter. The fans call him ‘My man who is so flawless’.

Right : He is a member who has the original ‘Fairy ears’. He has the face that is smaller than those of most women. In addition, his big eyes caught the minds of women. It is always a beautiful night if I am with this man~.

[answer]Answers : 'EXO' CHANYEOL, 'BEAST' Yang Yo Seop

"Do I look like Dobby?"

"Yang fairy is right here?"

☞ Bling bling ears, piercing mania


Left : The truth is, he is a member who gets attention with the piercing rather than the ears. He enjoys ‘Outskirts’ piercing, which is wearing earrings along the shape of the ears. Who is this mister?

Right : There is one more piercing mania right here~. His earlobe is a must. No matter whether it is inner conch or outer conch, the quantity also varies. This man who enjoys ‘everyday’ piercing, you guys get a sense, right?

[answer]Answers : 'INFINITE' Sung-yeol, 'SHINee' Key

"Match the piercings also"

"Everybody~ piercing"

☞ Small and round ears


Left : Since he has the looks of young gentleman, he is also called ‘young gentle ○’. He has the twist in charm that goes back and forth between chic and acting cute. His ear also has the twist. He has small and delicate ears.

Right : The proportion of eyes, nose, lips and ears are harmonious. His cutie charms are overflowing as he has small and round ears. It is said that he likes to touch the earlobe of others. Who could it be? ‘Follow, follow me~’

[answer]Answers : 'B1A4' Gongchan, 'BIGBANG' G-Dragon

"ears Gongchan, chic Gongchan, acting cute Gongchan"

"Affectionately touching ears mania"

☞ Ears that are full of individualism


Left : He has ears with unique shape. The ears look empty inside. His shape of the ears is also not normal. He presents a sweet rap that is like a candy to the ears of the fans. You guys get a sense of who he is, right?

Right : He is an idol ‘Who has the looks of a puppy’ line. He has slightly angular ears. He is a member who is always overflowing with energy. I am wondering fans are ‘keep going breathless’ since his charms are so many...

[answer]Answers : '2PM' Taecyeon, 'EXO' BAEKHYUN

"Heartwarming man vibe"

"My ears, they look unique, right?"

☞ Ears that has thin earlobes and are neat


Left : He became famous as an ‘eating broadcast idol’ these days. His shape of the ears is pretty neat. He is a member who does the piercing only when he is on the stage. Who could this member be, who we always miss on rainy days?

Right : He is a member who has small ears without earlobes. To a white skin, he has the cheeks that are like a dumpling. It is said that he became a real man these days through a diet. Everyone, do you guys get a sense of it?

[answer]Answers : 'BEAST' Yoon Doo-joon, 'EXO' XIUMIN

"What should I eat for lunch today..?"

"The angle is~ alive"

Written by=Kim Hyo Eun(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB
source: starcast

have fun!
Tags: guess who, lolz

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