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Lee Junho of 2pm on Music Travel Yesterday

The word swoon comes to mind. His second Japanese solo tour was also recently announced!!!

Source: YT: MBCKpop

[OP's usual ramblings]I think Junho did a good job. He struggles with consistency and when he's nervous his voice goes flat and it can all just go very bad very quickly. Here he has very few wobbles so I thought it was a great performance vocal wise. I do wish he was more dynamic on stage but maybe he kept it low key because it was a mellow song.

However, Junho is Op's ultimate and only bias somehow. There's honestly no reason or rhyme to it. One day I just woke up and realized I stanned him more than the rest of 2pm and never found my way out of it. So anyway the bias is strong in me and I could be completely wrong.

Also, that ring? I would be so happy for him if he was dating but I suppose it's not the first time he's worn a ring there so it might just be my fangirl showing that I even noticed.

OT: About that airport fashion post. I finally started it so soon. Op is lazy and procrastinates.
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