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☆Spica's☆ Jiwon blesses us with her sweet vocals for God's Gift OST~ #happyBBOday

나라면 (If It Were Me)

translated lyrics: popgasa

Spica's ~weakest vocalist~, everybody. they're having so many group and solo activities this time, I can't believe it :DDD but B2M, when can Juhyun get a solo??? #JUSTICE4JUHYUN (also, "SPIKA", really??)

✮☆✮☆✮ ( ^‿^)っ❤ IT'S BOHYUNG'S BIRTHDAY TODAY~ ✮☆✮☆✮
Happy birthday to Spica's multi-talented, strong-willed, confident yet endearingly shy, incredibly inspiring, humble, adorabbo maknae!!! She turns 25 today (1989), 26 in Korean age ^^

[bbirthday girl]

Bbo's tweet, translated: Really thankful to all Mercuries, I feel so touched.. I'll try hard to become an even better person! Really really thank you, I truly love you!

[baby bbo's bbirthday message video project]
Bbo tweeted the link so she saw it already ^^ the theme is 'thank you Bohyung' :') I love how creative some of the messages are! my fave's the one with the clock hands at 3.31 :D (mine's the Cookie Monster ㅋㅋ)

Sauces: BubbleFeetMusic, @B2M_SPICA, @Spica_Tweets, @bohyungkim89, cahy (gifset), woori bbo (video)
Tags: keembo/spica

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