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Dasom Talks about her Acting Journey + features in Ceci March 2014

Dasom’s gaze was extraordinary. She was no longer just a maknae of SISTAR, and was full of lively spirit and confidence. What has happened to the twenty two year old?

A big change took place in Dasom’s life when she knocked on the door to the world of dramas as a new actress. She finally began unfolding the dream she had since she was young that continued even when she promoted as a member of SISTAR.

Dasom made her acting debut through KBS2’s sitcom Shut Up Family. Acting out the chic and charismatic character in the sitcom, she earned the nickname of ‘acting-dol.’

Then she surprised everyone by being cast as the lead actress in a 150 episode long drama KBS1’s Melody of Love. Despite many skeptical views on an idol taking on the lead role in a drama, Dasom proved them wrong by perfectly pulling off the ‘roller coaster’ emotions of the character ‘Gong Deul Im.’

How did Kim Dasom make such a smooth transition into being an actress? enews met with Dasom to take a look into her successful journey.

Key to success 1. Desire and Responsibility

“I have desire for many things. I tend to desire to take all the work that is given to me, if it is something that I can do and enjoy.”

Dasom wants many things, but she is not greedy. She felt like she could pull off the role in Melody of Loveand appealed to the others during the audition.

“Acting was my dream. I want to enjoy this moment since this is what I’ve always wanted to do. But people around me gave me pressure by saying, ‘You’ll be successful if you do well in this drama,’ or ‘You have to do well, since you’re the lead actress.’ They said those things for the sake of me, of course. At first, I was more pressured than happy. I would wake up in the middle of night to memorize lines and couldn’t eat anything but grape juice. But the pressure trained me harder. Now, I enjoy acting more than I did in the beginning.”

Dasom is keeping busy, working seven days a week. Six days filming drama and one day as a member of SISTAR. She has been practicing everyday, since SISTAR is releasing a new album in May.

“I’m worried that I don’t have enough time to practice when SISTAR is making a comeback in May. I’m already far behind the other members, but I’m working hard. I’ve been saving time by reducing time spent on sleeping and eating. It’s hard since there’s so much to do.”

For Dasom, 24 hours is not enough, but she has been happier than ever since the debut.

“I’ve never been this busy in my whole life. But I’m enjoying it too. When I saw Hyolyn unnie and Bora unnie struggling because they were busy, I wished I could be busy like them. So I’m really happy these days (laughter).”

Key to success 2. Continuous hard work

One might wonder, how Dasom could act so well when she doesn’t have much experience in acting and her original profession is a singer.

“I think people have been very generous about my acting. (laughter) I’m embarrassed and regretful every time I monitor myself. But if I could choose one thing that helped me, it’s watching many movies. I watch the same movie over and over and have watched about 1,000 movies. They say acting comes from experience and it’s an art that expresses your experience and background knowledge in various fields. To be honest, I lack in experience in many things since I’m yong. But I could at least try, thanks to the numerous indirect experiences.”

Dasom’s father is a movie mania as well. Influenced by her father, watching movies became her hobby since she was young.

“Come to think of it, I studied by watching movies. I end up observing for details when I watch movies, without realizing. This also helps me as a singer. I think observation helped me gain insight about acting.”

Key to success 3. Clear goal

Dasom finally began distinguishing herself through acting. She was unable to express her unique color among the other SISTAR members, but she finally found her position. Even outside of SISTAR, Dasom is now called ‘acting-dol’ being compared to Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona or miss A’s Suzy.

“I think I need to hold onto acting. Hyolyn and Bora unnie are talented in singing and dancing, and Soyou unnie is the ‘queen of featuring.’ I still feel like I’m out of place, but I would like to help contribute to the group through my acting. I still would like to fulfill my responsibility as a member. That’s why I have been keeping up with practices.”

She knew, that in order to survive in the world of entertainment, she has to work hard in both acting, which she enjoys, and in promotional activities as a singer, which is what allowed her to begin her career.

“I want to be someone that the world of entertainment needs. Like right now. I’m active as actress Dasom now, but I will soon comeback as Dasom of SISTAR. I’ll be tanning my skin too, and show you different sides of me. You can anticipate. (laughter) I will work hard, so please show your love.”

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After Melody of Love I want Dasom to get a role where the storylines aren't so cheesy. I'm not sure if her acting is good or just better than the other actors on MoL, tbh. But I do like that she's been slowly working her way up to the big roles.

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