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T-ara's 'Lies' Music Video Recieves 1,000,000 Clicks In Two Weeks

T-ara's 'Lies' Music Video Recieves 1,000,000 Clicks In Two Weeks

Girl group T-ara's new music video 'Lies' recieves at least 1,000,000 clicks after two weeks of release.

On the 11th (of August), since the music video's release on the 29th, it recieved at least 1,000,000 clicks from internet sharing websites and GomTV. By 11:00AM of the 12th the click amount on the 'Lies' music video have already went up to 1,040,000.

'Through the history of GomTV, not once did a rookie achieve this number of music video streams in a matter of two weeks,' said GomTV.

T-ara debuted as singers on the arts program 'Golden Fishery' on the 29th of July. While their digital single 'Lies' has been on top of music charts on online music sites, and has been named a 'hot' rookie group for the half of the year.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be performing on MBC's 'Music Core', and will also be on the SBS Inkigayo stage performing as their sunbaes S.E.S. and Fin.KL.

Translated by: Elly@diadem
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