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Update on GD's "Heartbreaker" Plagiarism Controversy

Group Big Bang GDragon has once again been entangled in the issues of plagiarism. He released a 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ to his first solo album to be released on 18th August on 11st August on me2day site.

The song was said to have plagiarised ‘Right Round’ by American hiphop singer Flo Rida released in February having sounded the same.

But what’s confusing now is that YG claims that the song is not purely produced by GDragon but is a collaboration work between GDragon and a Swiss producer.

Purely GDragon’s creation VS collaborate production work? Problem lies in YG’s contradicting answers.

Initially YG’s refutation to the accusations to plagiarisms on 11th August was that “The song ‘Heartbreaker’ is not plagiarised work but purely GDragon’s works.” But on the 12th, YG’s explanations seems to have changed a little said, “GDragon’s solo album is like what has been so far, collaborate composition. Title song ‘Heartbreaker’ is a collaboration composition between GDragon and a Swiss producer.”

“For the production of GDragon’s solo album, there is a newly added producer to do lyrics and composing. When ‘Heartbreaker’ is revealed in full, accusations for plagiarisms will not stand.”

Many are curious as to why YG’s explanations to the issue changed in just 1 day. Media says that the reason why YG is doing so is to avoid more accusations of plagiarism that GDragon has been receiving so far.


Here it is if you haven't heard.

But ugh, get it together YG. Even though I think that the first verse is way too similar to Right Round, might be too early to start throwing "plagiarism" around.
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