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T-ara on Star News (08/11)

Talented new girl group T-Ara shows off another side of themselves and reveals their daily lives of training, practice, makeup, and feeding. From these personal pictures released you can see that these girls (the 6 members of T-Ara) are without a doubt the hardest working people in K-pop today. Best of luck to them in their future endaviors!

T-Aras youngest member Jiyeon wipes the sweat from her face during a tiring hair making session.

It takes time to look this good! Jiyeon and BoRam having their makeup applied.

Powerhouse of energy Hyomin never stops practicing! Even in the salon.

Hyomin practices her choreography! Practice makes perfect! but i'd say she's pretty darn perfect already!

Boram cracks a smile. I wonder if she's being tickled by the hairdresser! XD

BoRam's lips look extra kissable, don't you think?

Wow! HyoMin is still practicing. Please don't overwork your self!

Boram looks great with her new hair extensions! It gives her a more mature feeling, like Beyonce Knowles.

The girls eating! Always stay healthy! For more information on how to stay healthy you can visit this website:

T-aras sexy leader Eunjung fell asleep! Does anybody know where I can purchase her sweater?

Hyomin and Soyeon take a look at their schedule for the day! For a group that just debuted, they're quite busy! Bzzzz~ (my lame imitation of a busy bee xD)

Sweet sleeping angles. Jiyeon looks so cute like a lion! I wonder what she's dreaming about.

T-ara's sexy leader Eunjung sleeping again! It must be tiring leading this group of active young girls througought their jam packed schedules!

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