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Actress Hwang Returns to Movie

Actress Hwang Soo-jung will return to the silver screen for the first time in two years.

Hwang, 37, starred in "A Time to Leave," the first episode of the omnibus movie "Sai" directed by Eo Il-seon, with actor Ki Tae-young.

She played the role of a wife who falls victim to habitual violence inflicted by her husband. She meets Ki, a seaman and jail-breaker, while traveling and the two fall into love.

In the movie, Hwang shakes off her fixed image of a good-natured woman and shows a much stronger image. The movie is to be released early next year.

Hwang had her acting career suspended in 2001 after being arrested on drug charges. She made a comeback in 2007 with the TV drama "Salt Doll." She starred in the movie "Day and Night" last year.

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