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Lee Ji Ah Debuts As A Singer

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Lee Ji Ah, who is currently appearing in SBS's "Style" and was part of hot dramas like MBC's "Great King and Four Gods" and "Beethoven Virus", is planning on raping the music scene as well! On August 14th, she will be releasing a single titled "Cupcake and Alien".

"Cupcake and Alien" is characterized by its bosa nova rhythm and sweet melody. Also, Lee Ji Ah's quirky lyrics are just the cherry on top!

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This song is part of the "Korea Japan Special Telecinema Project", and will be included in the "Face, Mind, and Love's Relationship", which Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ji Hwan were part of. The "Telecinema Project" will be debuting in theaters in September then shown through SBS starting on the 11th.

Music director Choi Kyung Shik recommended Lee Ji Ah for this song, and she wrote the quirky lyrics herself. They say that her singing was as good as any female singer, and that despite her busy schedule, she practiced hard and showed tremendous dedication.

On the other hand, "Telecinema Project" will be whipping out more and more songs featuring top stars!

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