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Seungri performing "Shouting" without Daesung

Big Bang members Seungri and Daesung were supposed to perform together starting on August 12th for the musical SHOUTING, however because of Daesung's unfortunate accident and needed recovery time, he will not be able to participate in the musical.

Because of this, Seungri started the first performance of SHOUTING without Daesung and had to perform with a backup, most likely they will use this same backup throughout the running of the musical. Many people thought he performed very well. The musical will continue to run until August 23rd.

It has also been reported that all the Big Bang members went to visit Daesung in the hospital as they were all concerned about his well being. Here are the supposed photos of the accident.


tbh I'm not even sure what this musical is about. I know it's based on their success story book released earlier this year, so I thought Seungri would be playing himself, but it doesn't look like it. Also hope Dae gets better soon as well T_T
Tags: big bang, daesung, seungri

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