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Well-Known Korean Record Label Found Responsible For Trainee Assault

A well-known Korean record label has been sentenced to pay 5,000,000 KRW after a court ruled it was responsible in a trainee assault case.

A former trainee with the record label, referred to as "A", was assaulted by one of the label's current celebrities, referred to as "B". The record label had banned trainees from dating, but A began dating another trainee anyway. B assaulted A in response to the dating.

According to the court that heard the case, the record label is responsible for A's assault because it had created conditions that led to the assault.

"The label's artist was strictly following the label's rules, including the dating ban. Since the trainee came and left practice according to the label's schedule, the label is responsible. Since B assault A, it is considered a conduct of business," the court stated.

While the identity of those involved in the case was not revealed, it has been reported that B is a member of a 6-member group that debuted in 2013. A was supposed to debut alongside B, but left the record label before the group's debut.

The record label filed a lawsuit against A, demanding they be reimbursed for contract and investment money spend on the trainee. The court dismissed the lawsuit, stating the A couldn't be held responsible because the company's dating ban broke various society rules.

source: jpopasia; another article at dramarecap
sources are kinda iffy but there's not much of an option
rumours are its LC9....... would make sense since rasa enlisted early. good lord
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