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This is the comeback that y'all ain't ready for...

Sean: "Jinusean will make a comeback this year."

After 12 years into debut, singer Sean revealed that Jinusean will make a comeback this year.

He said on MBC ‘Sunday Interview’ recently, “This year we will comeback, though we are not sure what format our comeback will be – digital single, single or minialbum. I talked to Jinu about it. I’m currently busy with my 3rd child, when things settle down a little, we will start working on it.”

He also talked about idol groups recently, “Idol group used to be just looks, but nowadays idol groups have the looks and the capabilities. Especially for Big Bang members, I’ve seen them since they were young. GDragon and TaeYang joined us when they were in elementary 5th grade.”

He also added, “These idols had grown and developed to be one of the most influential idols these days with acknowledgment of their passion and capabilities from the people themselves. They had give up the times when they can spend with their friends playing to chase their passion for music.”

He ended off with, “To say the truth, our company’s Big Bang and 2NE1 may not be as good in terms of looks as compared to other idols. But they are a group of friends who are passionate about music. Many people also look at them as people who make good music as compared to idols.”

This will be aired on 17th August at 12.04am.

"A-Yo", 2001. arguably their most famous song. "A-Yo" is to JS as "Lies" is to Big Bang.

"Phone Number", 2004. Their most recent single. A lot of YG artists make cameos here--you can see GD in the beginning and GDYB dancing throughout, as well as Eunjoo, Baekkyoung, Jinhwan, Master Wu and Se7en. Psy is also here.

SOURCES: Sookyeong, 2, 3

Sean's just being modest. Of course they're talented but imo Big Bang and 2NE1 members are all smokin'. Anyway, I cannot be more excited. JS is really old YG at its finest (I also used to have the biggest crush on Jinu lmao). Now all that needs to happen is a 1TYM reunion too.
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