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2ne1 dara's arrival in manila, phillipines...

courtesy of SNN (Showbiz New Ngayon), a late night showbiz news/talk show in the Phils.
Sorry, i cant find any English sub for this but i took time translating her interview.

host: despite being busy as part of the group 2ne1, dara's still excited to see her friends her in the Philippines...

voice over: no one can stop her rain or shine. 2ne1 star, sandara park, back in the phils...we loved her during her Star Circle Quest days here in the Philippines and now she's back!

dara: i still know how to speak tagalog. im so happy. i missed my friends. ive been gone for 1-2 years but last year i was also here.

reporter: why are you on vacation right now?

dara: we were so busy in korea right now and our manager told us to go on vacation. even just for 3 days so i went here.

reporter: why did you choose to go to the Philippines?

dara: of course this is my second home!

reporter: where did the other members go?

dara: in Japan, U.S., Korea..and then i chose the Philippines.

reporter: do you tell you friends about the Philippine's history?

dara: of course. they also wanted to go here but...maybe some other time.

reporter: any plans of going here as a group?

dara: there is. please invite us next time. ^__^

voice over: though she is very popular in Korea, she doesn't forget the Philippines which is very special to her.

dara: i remember my SCQ days. I sang "In or out".

reporter: are you planning to reunite with your SCQ friends?

dara: yes, today. we will be having dinner.

voice over: but despite of her having a vacation here, dara did not escape the intrigues. who does she want to see first?

dara: hmmm... plenty...

reporter: Joseph? or Hero?

dara: secret!...OK... who ever@

dara: hello! im back. did you guys miss me?...i love you all! (waves)

lady host: she has beautiful skin...

guy host: and she's more sure of herself now, right?

lady host: and her tagalog is great....

the video had no English subs so i took time to write the translations.
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