Deanna (kyurisma) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Clazziquai wants YOU

Well maybe, not exactly you per se.

Clazziquai Project is looking to recruit some hot blooded talent for their upcoming Japanese album to be released this fall. Clazziquai has certainly been busy with their recently released “Mucho Musica” in Japan and the Korean version is set to drop on July 14th under the title “Mucho Punk.” They are going to continue on trucking through the summer though, as they prepare for a new remix album.

If you are between the ages of 16-25, you could possibly be Clazziquai’s next featured vocalist. They’re not just looking for pretty, okay you idol wannabes, you must possess a voice of intense vibrato. If your voice isn’t exactly musically inclined, but you burn a mean mix, Clazziquai is looking to give an opportunity to a remixer for the track, Flea, which is already a dynamic song in its own right.

If you really want a chance to work with Clazziquai (especially smoldering Alex), all the audition details are spelled out for you in Korean through their official website.

Source: Popseoul

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