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Jung So Min to Star as Kim Woo Bin’s Girlfriend in ‘Twenty Years Old’


Jung So Min will be making her big screen debut as Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend. According to many movie affiliates on May 12, Jung So Min is currently adjusting the final conditions for acting in film Twenty Years Old.

Twenty Years Old will depict the love and friendship of three twenty year old friends, by realistically showing what young people experience and feel as they enter their 20’s. Kim Woo Bin, Kang Han Neul and Lee Jun Ho have been cast for the lead roles.

Jung So Min to Star as Kim Woo Bin’s Girlfriend in ‘Twenty Years Old’ In the film, Jung So Min will be acting as ‘Chi Ho’ (Kim Woo Bin)’s girlfriend, ‘So Min.’

Smart and easy-going, So Min receives attention from all three friends since her school days and will continue to be at the center of their love and friendship even in their adulthood. Having acted in television pieces since making her debut, Jung So Min is anticipated to show impressive acting through her first film Twenty Years Old.

Meanwhile, Twenty Years Old will start filming in the summer.

Source: Enews world

Seems signing with SM C&C was the right choice.  Since then she did KBS special episode,  got big man second lead role, now might star in Twenty Years old movie! I'm so glad ^^ I think she has potential.
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