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We Got Married Global Season 2 - EP 6 Discussion Post

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Super Junior’s Heechul has been caught calling Puff Kuo of Taiwanese girl group, Dream Girls, by the wrong name – Sulli.

On the May 10 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married Global Edition,” the virtual couple invited friends of Heechul to a sort of housewarming/bridal shower party.

At the filming of the episode, Heechul welcomed miss A’s Jia, Infinite’s Sunggyu, mixed martial arts athlete Choi Hong Man, singer Son Dambi, and more into the couple’s new home.

Throughout the housewarming, however, whenever Heechul tried to call out to Puff Kuo, he would mistakenly say “Sulli” instead, causing his friends to criticize him. After witnessing Heechul’s careless behavior, the guests asked Puff Kuo, “Does he accidentally call you ‘Sulli’ often?” To this, Puff Kuo let out her pent up sadness and frustration by answering, “He would frequently call me by the wrong name from the beginning.”

When Heechul heard this, he said that he did not realize he had been making this mistake and immediately apologized to his partner.

In one of the private interviews with the producers, Heechul confessed, “This mistake was something that I had never realized before. I must be a bad guy because I did not know that I was calling my wife by the wrong name all the while she remembered whenever I did. I feel very sorry.” Meanwhile, Puff Kuo expressed her sadness, “I can take everything else, but how can he get my name wrong? This is really a problem to be angry over. He is definitely a ‘bad guy.”

It seems that Heechul has been unknowingly calling Puff Kuo by the wrong name, “Sulli,” as he is known to be very close friends with f(x)‘s Sulli.


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