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Baek Ji Young's super sad but amazing OST for Hyun Bin's new movie

On 7th, Baek Ji Young's new song 'Fervor' meets with Hyun Bin who is returning with the movie, 'The Fatal Encounter'.
For Baek Ji Young, who is releasing her new song after one year and four months, it is second time meeting with Hyun Bin with this [The Fatal Encounter] music video. She had participated in OST for 'Secret Garden' with the song 'That Woman'.
The new song, which will be released on 7th, is composed by 'Doctor Kim' and 'Kyung Joo Yang' who are famous for composing 'Back In Time', the OST of 'The Moon Embraces The Sun'. The song gives classic and mournful feeling with its piano and string melodies. Baek Ji Young's calm and mournful voice that expresses restrained sadness and anxiety stirs one's emotion.

source: 1thek

also at one of the stage greeting, Hyunbin said if this movie will surpass 5 million tickets he'll take off his top, if it pass 10M he'll take off his pants
i think it already crossed 3mln
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