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BtoB - honest and interesting interview



Q: When does Eunkwang get angry?

EK: If it is about me, most of the time, I will just hold it in. However I will get angry if it involves the safety of the people around me. That’s why although I should have gotten angry when one of the members does anything bad, but I can never do it. Instead will will call the person over and talk to him harmoniously but this doesn’t seem really good either, I should just get angry.

Q: Does Minhyuk like cross dressing like ‘Boy’s Day” from the music show?

MH: If you were to just look at my face you may mistake me as a girl but the muscles on my body feels a little ashamed. It was a pity as the wig on that day didn’t suit me very well. I would have looked even better if the hair suited me! I spread my legs while wearing a skirt and got scolded by the members next to me (Laughs) Spreading my legs when wearing a skirt really looks very indecent and rude. I will take note from now. I look exactly like my aunt when i cross dress, I thought of my aunt when I looked into the mirror.

(T/N: Why would you take note of such things… it’s not like you have to do it often.. or do you have a fetish..?)

Q: Changsub, do you realize your 4D personality?

CS: I do know about it myself. Once in awhile, I will also ask myself “Why did I do that?” (Laughs) The difference between the others and I would be photos of me in my weird poses! Many have said that I am not mentally stable, I think this is also one of the reason. Although I want to do something seriously, but I would start playing around all of a sudden and it caused people around me to get a shock. But in my opinion, all 7 members are weird. (Laughs) I’m not saying that anyone is particularly weird, because we’re all weird! I think this is BTOB’s charm.

Q: Is Hyunsik the muscle leader behind the scene?

HS: I think the nature of my muscles are slightly different. I don’t do any special trainings, I just spend each day normally but grew into the muscle type. So I only mostly train the arms muscles that I use often. I think the muscles naturally formed as I always helped my mum do work and carry things. However I do not have the desire to be in charge of muscles in the group, no matter how you put it, I just want to work hard musically! (Laughs) So I won’t flaunt my muscles on purpose!

Q: As Cutie Player’s creator, does Ilhoon normally have a lot of aegyo?

IH: I don’t do cute stuff normally. However if I were to be like how I am usually, I would seem as though I am really fierce and is throwing a temper so I try to look more lively and out going. I guess that’s when the hidden aegyo comes out. (Laughs) I wasn’t the one who created the Cutie Player. As I practically didn’t have any talents, I just did it when they asked me to show a talent. I have no idea how it was spread. Amongst the members, I think Minhyuk hyung does aegyo the best. I think he is really good at doing aegyo for the fans. Despite people saying that it’s just fan service, it’s just Minhyuk hyung’s revealing his inner aegyo in my opinion. It’s his real self. (Laughs)

Q: Peniel, you have yet to be adapted to Korea's culture?

P: There are a lot of things that I have not gotten used to. As there are a lot of small details, it is very difficult to explain….. Like being particular about who is older, younger, senior and stuff? It would be great if everyone is equal as there’s no formal speech in English.

Q: Was Yook Sung Jae popular during high school?

SJ: It’s a little embarrassing to say it myself… hehehe (Laughs) I seem to have a bit of popularity! I have a sister who is 3 years older than me so I like getting loved. My sister always takes good care of me, that’s why I like girls who are older than me as well as younger girls who treat me as though they’re my older sister. However as I am the youngest son so I have to show aegyo, be a little shameless but recently I want to show everyone my manly side. A little distance is required for man to be charming!

Strengths & Weakness

Angel Leader : Eunkwang

Self Evaluation:

Strength: I always have a smile on my face and has been nicknamed "Happy Virus". " Has a very good personality like an angel" Pff, saying it myself is a little.. (Shy) I have never gotten angry with the members. In the past, I didn't quarrel much with my brother either, I don't think I have ever gotten angry in my life. Even if I want to, I have no idea how.

Weakness: Indecisive, often follow others' opinions. Unable to express my own thoughts.

Minhyuk's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: Has a kind and forgiving heart. No matter how overboard the members go with their jokes, he will just accept them with a smile. As BTOB's leader, he protects the members without them knowing.

Weakness: He is too nice! He doesn't even get angry when he should, this isn't good! This is why he worries about things on his own. When that happens, I would be angry for him as I am also part of the hyung line. Another bad point would be his game addiction. Although he says that he has decreased the amount of time he spends playing.. who knows~

Changsub's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: Has a very good personality and treasures the members a lot. Even if the members goes overboard with their jokes on him, he will still look at them gently and watch over them. As our group's main vocal, he protects his position very well.

Weakness: He is too short. (Laughs)

Hyunsik's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: He is a really nice person. No matter who it is, they are bound to feel this way.

Weakness: Being a nice person is a weakness too as he doesn't get angry. As a leader, there are times where he should scold us but he doesn't even get angry.

Peniel's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: He is an extremely nice person.

Weakness: Being too nice is a weakness too.

Ilhoon's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: Is a very lacking and very kind person.

Weakness: His personality is too good! It feels as though he gives in to us too much, that he isn't expressing his thoughts well. Even so, he take extremely good care of us. Our existence is to fill up for what Eunkwang is lacking, So if you were to look at us as a group, this isn't exactly a weakness.

Sungjae's evaluation of Eunkwang:

Strength: He is really very kind. I have known Eunkwang for 4 years and I have yet to see him get angry. Instead of scolding us or flaring up, Eunkwang resolves issues through a conversation.

Weakness: Overly kind. I think that there are situations where he should have gotten angry to let the members see his power but he isn't very good in that aspect.

The perfect guy who makes the members proud: Minhyuk

Self evaluation:

Strength: Self management is my strength. If there is something that I want to do, I will carefully make plans and also manage them. For example, I will always makes notes so that I wont forget to do things. As I am a singer, I hope to be perfect when it comes to singing, rapping, lyrics writing, composing and sports. However as our schedule is tight, there are things that I have left out so I am going to sort out a new plan starting from daily activities.

Weakness: I have a lot of troubles. Even if it is just a simple issues, I will think of it in a very complicated way and get timid. Although I do not bring inconvenience to others, it makes me very tired. It would be great if I could think about things from a broader aspect.

Eunkwang's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: No matter what he does, he is very serious and does it to the best of his ability. He puts in all his heart and soul no matter who or what issue it is on hand. He does his best no matter how small the detail is, singing and dancing are just the basics. He looks charming even to us.

Weakness: ..Height? (Bursts our laughing) I am of the same height as Minhyuk but it is really quite a waste for Minhyuk! Other than his height, he is really perfect.

Changsub's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: As a summary, he is really charismatic and popular and has nothing he can't do. He excels in sports, raps well, sings well and even dances well too. He is a well rounded artiste.

Weakness: This hyung is short (Laughs)

Hyunsik's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: No matter what it is, as long as he wants to do it, he will do it well I think this is really amazing!

Weakness: The downside of being competitive, at times I think that his desires are too much. (Laughs)

Peniel's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: He tries really hard no matter what he does.

Weakness: Even if he has to strain his body to achieve something, he will always persevere till the end and even causing his body to break down, that isn't very good.

Ilhoon's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: He keeps to his words and carries the tasks out perfectly. If he has something he wants to do, he will put in even more effort in order to achieve it. He has good sports genes and excels in sports. He doesn't like admitting defeat.

Weakness: Now that he has hurt his knee and his body isn't in a good condition, his body actually isn't that strong. Despite that, he works very hard on every single task and it is rather worrying. Hope he will put his health into consideration.

Sungjae's evaluation of Minhyuk:

Strength: He does the things that Eunkwang can't do. As he is also part of the hyung line, he will scold us in place of Eunkwang.

Weakness: He doesn't seem to have any weakness. Ah, height....(Laughs)

A 4D character who possesses a natural beautiful voice: Changsub

Self evaluation:

Strength: I have been praised by many about the unique charm in my voice. My voice is a little different when I speak so I used to hate it when people said that I sound like a girl. However, my voice is a powerful weapon to me now and I hope to let more people hear me sing.

Weakness: I can't wake up once I fall asleep (Laughs) Once I fall asleep, I won't be able to wake up, causing a lot of trouble for the members. Although being a heavy sleeper helps me get rid of fatigue, I have to apologize as it also affects my punctuality when it comes to attending schedules.

Eunkwang's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: I think everyone will be saying this same line, that his vocals are really outstanding! That he is someone who is well loved by many fans because of his voice.

Weakness: He sleeps for too long. (Laughs) It is also very obvious when he is in a bad mood. Everyone gets nervous whenever he sleeps, as he will glare at you if you were to wake him up and it's really scary.

Minhyuk's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: Likes practising until he until he is satisfied with what he hears no matter how long it takes.

Weakness: He can't control his expressions well. Recently he has been working on controlling his thoughts.

Hyunsik's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: Extremely interesting, you will be really happy when you are with him.

Weakness: He is the type who acts according to his mood and you will know if he is angry or in a bad mood with just one look.

Peniel's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: Possesses a natural beautiful voice.

Weakness: He really sleeps too much. Although he possesses good vocals, he is always sleeping before performances so his vocals have not been warmed up, which causes his singing to be unstable and it's quite a waste.

Ilhoon's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: His voice is really good, when he stands on stage, he is able to fully showcase his inner charms.

Weakness: He has his mood written all over his face. You will be able to notice when he gets angry. He is usually an extremely interesting person and often jokes around. However he gets angry easily and his moods can be noticed easily. So to some, it may not be a good thing.

Sungjae's evaluation of Changsub:

Strength: He is always filled with cuteness towards us, the younger ones, and is extremely cute. When our eyes meet, he will go "Sungjae ah~" in a weird voice then come over to hug me. There are times when I am tired and he will still do the same, hoping I would entertain him and that's when I hope he won't do that!

Weakness: Changsub has really drastic mood swings like me and he gets even more agitated than me when he is angry. He is also very short tempered.

Multi talented with a killer smile: Hyunsik

Self evaluation:

Strength: Always very positive. Has a character who will overcome all difficulties positively.

Weakness: Overly positive (Laughs)

Eunkwang's evaluation of Hyunsik:

Strength: Like a real man, is open minded and his eye smile is really adorable. As he is filled with musical skills, he can play various instrument including piano and guitar, he can even compose songs.

Weakness: Although it is good to have self confidence, there are times where he gets over confident.

Minhyuk's evaluation of Hyunsik:

Strength: Having self confidence and high self esteem is Hyunsik's strength. This is why his potential has been strengthened.

Weakness: However his pride is too strong and does not listen to hyungs' advises at times.

Changsub's evaluation of Hyunsik:

Strength: Knows music very well. We attend the same music university which is considered quite well known in Korea. He contributed 2 self composed songs for last year's 'Thriller' album. This time, the song he wrote with Eunkwang hyung and I was also included in the album. Therefore he is the best when it comes to music isn't the right?

Weakness: He has too much muscles. Bang bang!

Ilhoon's evaluation of Hyunsik:

Strength: Multi talented. he can draw well, compose and sings well. For instruments, he can play the piano and guitar.

Weakness: High self esteem, scary sometimes. Other than that, hyung is rather flawless.

Sungjae's evaluation of Hyunsik:

Strength: Although he is a manly muscle man, he also has a detailed side which makes him extremely charming.

Weakness: He sleeps too much (Laughs), He is the kind who will continue sleeping if no one wakes him up. For example if we need to go to the salon at 9am, we definitely have to wake up at 8am but he can't, which isn't good!

The innocent and romantic english teacher: Peniel

Self evaluation:

Strength: Not serious. As I am more open minded, I have good relationships with everyone, just that I am a little shy initially.

Weakness: Not very adjusted to Korea's culture.

Eunkwang's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: He always have a smile on his face like an adorable child. As he lived in the states, he was not used to Korea's environment but his korean has been getting better.

Weakness: Despite getting used to expressing himself in korean, he does not share his thoughts often so I hope that he will come forward to express himself more.

Minhyuk's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: He has an innocent, romantic and positive charm. He also has the ability to make people around him laugh. You get a blissful feeling whenever you see him.

Weakness: He doesn't have his own desires. Although it has gotten slightly better recently, he still does not express his own thoughts often even if he receives a song and was assigned the least amount of lines. BTOB has 7 members so you have to protect and fight for your own parts, but Peniel doesn't care even if he doesn't receive much lines. However Peniel's fans get lonely after seeing him like this and hope that he can shine brighter in stage and sing more. His skills have improved recently and have been mentioning things that he want to do so I am really happy for him.

Changsub's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: His english is good as he lived abroad. He gets the hang of things easily. Although he doesnt have any special talents, but he can do anything very well quickly. He also belongs to the multi talented artiste category. He is also very positive and likes to make people smile.

Weakness: His weakness is that he still doesn't speak korean very well.

Hyunsik's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: He is a very good child and very devoted. Is very innocent and gives off the feeling that he has been a treasured child.

Weakness: Maybe it was due to the influence of his lifestyle in the states so he still seems to have yet to fully adapt to Korea's lifestyle, but comparing to the past, he has improved a lot.

Ilhoon's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: He does everything well no matter what you get him to do. Like writing lyrics, if you get him to write it, he is able to write it out immediately.

Weakness: The downside of doing everything he is told well, you don't see him putting in his own will to carry out something he wants to do. Instead of saying that he has no desires, it is a weakness because we are artistes and we have to produce works so you need to have the urge to stretch yourself.

Sungjae's evaluation of Peniel:

Strength: He is like a close friend to me although he is 2 years older than me. We are always together be it when shopping or playing around! Whenever I ask him to play with me, he will always say "Okay!"

Weakness: His personality is so good that it makes me agitated. I hope that you will voice out your thoughts once in a while too.

Passionate charisma: Ilhoon

Self evaluation:

Strength: I feel that I am the brightest on stage. I am the most dazzling and charismatic when I sing. But off the stage, I am cute, have high variety skills and is very interesting, these are are my strengths.

Weakness: I am the kind who insists on only doing things that I want to do, I guess this is also considered a type of weakness.

Hyunsik's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength: Passionate about music, we often work on song compositions together these days. Possesses various talents. has a good sense of things.

Weakness: He is like Changsub hyung who behaves according to his mood. But he has improved a lot recently.

Eunkwang's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength:Is positive and is fearless no matter what issue there is. Ilhoon possesses various skills. Although he is younger than me, he knows more than I do.

Weakness: He gets angry rather easily and vents it immediately. He is working hard on changing this problem.

Minhyuk's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength: Is someone who works hard on developing his potential. Like Changsub and Hyunsik, Ilhoon is also very passionate when it comes to practising. Has high self esteem, does things that he wants to do very well. Has a lot of knowledge.

Weakness: Gets angry easily, but the anger is not directed at us it is instead directed towards himself and it is easily noticed by people. Things like kicking the door open loudly. (Laughs) When that happens, we'll remind him and he will realize it after that. He is better on the overall now.

Changsub's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength: Multi talented. He knows what is a variety show as he is Weekly Idol's fixed host. He also raps well. I feel that he belongs in the top tier of the current idol rappers.

Weakness: Gets angry easily, has a personality like a real man. Although we can occasionally see Ilhoon with aegyo, I don't really like Ilhoon with aegyo. (Laughs)

Peniel's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength: Is a very hard working person.

Weakness: He dieted too much recently, there's no more meat left, only skin. (Laughs)

Sungjae's evaluation of Ilhoon:

Strength: Has a passionate personality. Is able to actively tell our hyungs his suggestions. Although he is in the magnae line like me, he is someone who is able to show his leadership skills.

Weakness: He has too many weaknesses! Firstly, he is too weak (Laughs) He dieted too much and is only left with bones now. Quickly recover to how you used to be!

Born a super idol: Sungjae

Self evaluation:

Strength: Hmm strengths, hehe (Laughs) I really have to thank my parents, for creating such a handsome kid! My optimistic character is also my strength, everyone says that I am constantly smiling. Come to think of it, I think don’t have any strengths (Laughs) I also have a passionate side, and is adventurous, wants to do everything first, and will keep persevering till the end. Once I have set my mind to achieving something, I am the kind who will continue till I accomplish it. I also like to take initiative on things. As expected, I have too many strengths! (Laughs)

Weakness: My mood swings are a little drastic. My mood is usually quite lively, but if I am in a bad mood, it will show on my face immediately. I have been scolded by the older members often so it should be better than it used to, just a little left.

Eunkwang’s evaluation of Sungjae:

Strength: Prior to our debut, the 2 of us used to stay in the same dorm so we are considered quite close amongst the members. Good looking, tall and has a cute personality, he does a very good job of supporting BTOB.

Weakness: Although he looks lively and happy, there are times where he has his downs and these are the times that make us worried.

Minhyuk’s evaluation of Sungjae:

Strength: Filled with ideas, creative and has a good sense of things. Just that he may have a lot of suggestions but not many can be used. (Laughs) He has amazingly rich imagination skills, and is really different from his talents.

Weakness: His weakness is his mood swing. Although he is in a good mood most of the time recently, the people around him gets worried whenever he feels a little down as it’s written clearly all over his face! In addition, Sungjae often doesn’t admit to his own mistakes.

Changsub’s evaluation of Sungjae

Strength: He’s the face of BTOB. He’s tall, handsome and also sings and raps well. He even looks good when he cross dresses (Laughs) He also has a very good variety sense and holds the group together as the magnae.

Weakness: He gets overly excited at times, and gets high on his own.

Hyunsik’s evaluation of Sungjae:

Strength: He is like an adult although he’s the magnae. He totally doesn’t feel like the magnae recently.

Weakness: When he gets over confident (Laughs)

Peniel’s evaluation of Sungjae:

Strength: Good looking and tall.

Weakness: His drastic mood swings. He likes to play around when he’s in a good mood but will be sulky alone when he’s feeling down.

Ilhoon’s evaluation of Sungjae:

Strength: Out going personality and good looking can be said as some of his god given strengths.

Weakness: This kid has drastic mood swings like Changsub. Plays around to his fill when he’s happy and becomes very sulky when he is sad. It doesn’t matter now as we’re used to it. It’s just that you might get a shock when you just meet each other.
source: JP-CN: @yunyunzai-Melody on Weibo, CN-EN: @_910620; picture - snugjae

tl;dr hyunsik is cocky, ilhoon has anger management issues, changsub and sungjae have mood swings, eunkwang is too nice, peniel doesn't know how to fight for himself, minhyuk doesn't know when to stop
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