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Jonghyun Fanboys Over Wheesung On Twitter

[PHOTO] 140305 Jonghyun's MBC Blue Night Radio Site Update

After close to a month of inactivity on Twitter, Jonghyun has broken his silence to show support for his music icon, Wheesung! Wheesung is currently topping multiple charts with "Night and Day"! Check out the cuteness below!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.07.15 PM
Translation: Jonghyun: Whee...Wheesung...?!...?!?It's out!!Gasp!

Wheesung was a guest on Jonghyun's radio show "Blue Night" on March 4th. Please check out their adorable interactions and selected translations below!


[Translation]Jonghyun: Among the members the most delicate/sensitive are Onew-hyung and Key. The most moody persons are Taemin and I. Onew-hyung is delicate/sensitive but he can be a moody person, too. Minho is the manliest.
Jonghyun: I know you don't drink much but do you have certain drinking habits?
Wheesung: I sing. I have went with Jonghyun to karaoke, right?
Jonghyun: Yes.
Wheesung: I even let you listen to me sing a new song, right?

Jonghyun: With regards to your composing, did anything change from before you enlisted to after you left the army?
Wheesung: A lot changed. It took a while for me to get my pride (in composing) back.
Jonghyun: Because you've become a normal citizen, right? Right now you're preparing for an album, right?
Wheesung: Yes, I think it will be come a not-so-ordinary mini album

Jonghyun: What is the song you rehearse the most?
Wheesung: It's "Can't We" (Andwenayo)
Jonghyun: Your debut song?
Wheesung: I thought I wouldn't be able to release an album then, so I couldn't get the right emotions in the song.
Jonghyun: Back then, ear monitors aren't used but you sang it so well so whenever I watched you I wonder just how much you practiced that song. Without an ear monitor it's extremely hard.

t/n: ear monitor is the earpieces they put on so they can hear the music w/o interruption/intervention
t/n2: the song they're talking about is this http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ZaN3dzOBIAw

Jonghyun: While you were in the army, did you have a girl group you like?
Wheesung: Apink
Jonghyun: Do you have a favorite in Apink?
Wheesung: Apink's...Naeun LOL
Jonghyun: Son Naeun
Wheesung: I watched We Got Married and...is it alright to mention the program name?
Jonghyun: Yes, don't worry about it. Please tell us more.

Jonghyun: How long has it been since you were discharged from the army?
Wheesung: Around 7 months. Actually until now I haven't been active, but since I've met with Jonghyun...
Jonghyun: Thank you very much.
Wheesung: Why are you speaking in that tone? It's like you're just breathing. (t/n: he means Jjong sounds too whispery)
Jonghyun: It's because we're talking at this time (of the night) so...
Wheesung: So you're trying to sound sexier? LOL

Jonghyun: When I had my first radio broadcast, I talked a lot with you.
Wheesung: Really?
Jonghyun: When we first met for the recording, I told you, "please don't use casual talk with me!" and it was fun using respectful language.
Wheesung: You said, "Whatever is the easiest for you".
Jonghyun: I didn't want to sound unpleasant!

t/n: Usually, when a sunbae/senpai talks to a dongsaeng/kouhai, they use casual/informal talk. So I guess Jonghyun wanted to be treated as an equal in his first radio hosting so he specifically asked Wheesung to talk to him like an adult.

* During the time Wheesung was helping out with SHINee's first album
Jonghyun: I was even trembling as we talked since I was a fan of yours!
Wheesung: SHINee's so busy.
Jonghyun: For one album LOL
Wheesung: I had to direct two songs (in the album) and it was hard.
Jonghyun: The lyrics for "One For Me" and "Love's Way".
Wheesung: "The next is Onew" then "The next person"... over and over LOL

Jonghyun: Let's do it again!
Wheesung: Even though you're already good at writing lyrics?
Jonghyun: No, that's not true.
Wheesung: Didn't you meddled with IU's album?
Jonghyun: To say I got involved...LOL. Did you listen to it?
Wheesung: Yeah. It was so-so.
Jonghyun: The Nation's Little Sister's album is so-so?!
Wheesung: Her voice is really great.

Wheesung: Gloomy Clock is a wonderful song.
Jonghyun: That's not true.
Wheesting: You're really good.
Jonghyun: Before when we were working on lyrics together, we spent around 8 hours in a coffee shop.
Wheesung: Oh yeah, in one of SNSD's songs.
Jonghyun: It was "Hoot", right? But I guess that had drawbacks since it got rejected LOL.

* About "Hoot"
Wheesung: But it was a learning experience, right? For when you're writing lyrics yourself.
Jonghyun: I still want to do it again with you.
Wheesung: Is that a joke LOL. Jonghyun, you have more sense than I. I thought it would be great to be able to write more comfortably.
Jonghyun: Like talking about a girl from your dreams?
Wheesung: I don't remember.

Jonghyun: When I did my first one-day DJ thing in Sukira, I did a lot of blunders.
Wheesung: Really? Junghyeop didn't really talk much, right?
Jonghyun: I was looking at the script all the time, saying, "Wheesung, there's a question for you here" and when I stop talking, you'd go "Yes."

Jonghyun: I mean, in that radio show I had two of my favorite singers so of course I'd feel nervous. It's been my dream since I was a trainee.
Wheesung: You really did your best.
Jonghyun: That time I was thinking, "What do I do now?! I'm so nervous, now what?"
Wheesung: So normally you're not really tense around me?
Jonghyun: Actually recently...

Wheesung: Shall we reveal what we talk about on the phone?
Jonghyun: Did you record it?
Wheesung: What if everyone imagined you greeting with something like, "Hyung, hello!"
Jonghyun: We drank sake until morning and became really good friends.
Wheesung: Really good friends? I thought we just became normal friends.
Jonghyun: LOL

Jonghyun: That time I went on a drink with you, we also went to karaoke, right?
Wheesung: That time I sang one of the newly released songs and wasn't able to reach the high note on one part and I was like, "What's the best thing to do...?". When you heard that, you said, "I don't know much about the high pitched parts..."
Jonghyun: Pfffft When did I say something like that?! Please stop thiiisss!!

Bonus Throwback!

[WheeJong Duet ]

[And Another]

[And CLASSIC, Jongkey Cover ]

sources: theredberry7 | realjonghyun90 | onehallyu | @jalousied | @bluenight_jp | pherenal | anjutenshi | leeyungjji | sfi

except jjong is key and wheesung is jjong
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