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Lee Hyori Confesses to Experiencing Domestic Violence in Previous Relationships


Lee Hyori confessed to having experienced dating violence in the past.

During the first episode of SBS’s pilot variety show Magic Eye aired on May 13, Lee Hyori got together with Moon Sori, Hong Jin Kyung, writer Lim Kyung Sun and more to share thoughts on various topics.

Upon hearing that about 123 murder cases result from dating violence each year, MC Lee Hyori revealed, “I was also a victim and an aggressor of dating violence in the past.”

Lee Hyori said, “When I was in my 20’s, I had low self-esteem. My anger would explode when I get rejected, because in my head I thought ‘I am useless.’ If my boyfriend was tired and wanted to go home, I would start an argument by saying ‘You must not love me.’”

Lee Hyori also added that she would throw things at her boyfriend when angered.

She also shared her experience of being a victim by saying, “I had a non-celebrity boyfriend in the past. I guess he thought he needed to drive me in a nice car since I’m a celebrity. But he completely changed when I told him to break up."

Lee Hyori explained that her boyfriend made a lot of sacrifices to be with her, which she was unware of, which was why her boyfriend got angry with her.

source: mwave

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