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A bunch of YG News featuring Winner, PSY, TOP, AkMu & Seungri


Yang Hyun Suk announces YG artists are ready for May & June releases!

YG Entertainment will be going full steam ahead for the month of May.

Due to the tragic accident of the Sewol ferry, the whole entertainment industry in Korea paused to show their condolences and respect to the deceased.

Music and entertainment programs were all paused or cancelled for approximately 3 weeks, however have now returned to normal broadcasting schedules since the 8th of May.

CEO of YG, Yang Hyunsuk, announced that there are several projects that have been finalized, and all they need to do now is decide who will come back first.

He also announced that YG artists, such as WINNER and Psy will be releasing their songs consecutively for May and June, in which they have both completed filming their music video, shooting their album jackets and recording their album songs.

Furthermore, Big Bang’s TOP has opened a photo exhibition in the Horim Art Center’s JnB Gallery in Gangnam, Sinsa-dong from June 4th until the 7th, in which he will be showcasing his first photo album, “FROM TOP EXHIBITION”.

Also, Akdong Musician will start their promotional activities for their song “Give Love” from their debut album “Play” this week.

The Japanese mystery drama Kindaichi Case Files series starring 2PM’s Nichkhun and Big Bang’s Seungri will be broadcast in Korea.

Animation channel Champ will be airing Kindaichi Case Files starting on May 19 for three Mondays at 11 pm (KST), airing the three episodes of the series starring Nichkhun, Seungri and Japanese idol Jun Matsumoto.

The first episode to air on May 19 will star Jun Matsumoto acting as ‘Kindaichi.’ He will be chasing after the criminal responsible for the murder that takes place in a train headed for Hokkaido.

The second one to air on May 26 will feature 2PM’s Nichkhun in the episode dealing with a murder case that takes place in a ‘monster cram school.’ The 2PM member will be acting as one of the high school students.

The last one airing on June 2 will feature Big Bang’s Seungri, who will be acting as a Korean study abroad student. The episode will depict the kidnapping of ‘Miyuki’ who goes to Hong Kong to attend a fashion show.

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