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Naver onstage live indie and hip-hop: e-sens, paloalto, Lee Sang-eun, Wasted Johnnys



I'm good:

Paloalto (this is a few months old, but I don't think it was posted before)


Au revoir:

And for something completely different, singer-songwriter Lee Tzsche / Lee Sang-eun as part of her recent comeback with her 15th album, LULU, 26 years after her debut and early fame as a woman singer presenting in a boyish manner. (I could find almost no information in English about her, other than that she's been around for ages. I get kind of a Joni Mitchell vibe from these.)

And finally straight up dirty blues from the Wasted Johnnys, who are a female fronted blues-rock band suitable for hard drinking to.

Get Wasted + Crossroad meet the devil

Some Like It Hot:


I am kind of excessively in love with this channel. I promise not to just blindly repost everything, tho.

Source Onstage/Studio Lovo youtube channel, wikipedia, soompi
Tags: hip hop, indie, music, rock music, singer, supreme team
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