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YG Live TV 8/12/09: Big Bang & GD cuts

YG Live TV 8/12/09: Big Bang & GD cuts

  • Big Bang coming home to Korea & talking about their next activities
  • In the studio with Teddy & GD, with lots of Park Bom love from both
  • Dara being scared of GD's new puppy (lol ikr. wut)
  • Said new puppy pwns GD
  • 2NE1 visit Seungri & Daesung on the set of "Shouting"

Part 1/4:

Part 2/4:

Teddy's always talking about Bom. I wonder if CL is jealous. XD Though I must say that Teddy not saying that he's the leader of 1TYM worries me. Like there's never gonna be a 1TYM again. >8[ Oh and I believe the shoes that GD are wearing are one of the ones Kanye designed for Louis Vuitton.

Also, GD is talking about an episode of 2NE1 TV where Bom couldn't sleep and gets up in the middle of the night and starts randomly singing/dancing to "Lollipop" lmfao. It's ok, GD, I had it on repeat too hahaha.

Part 3/4:

I think Taeyang's dog Boss is much cuter. But wtf @ saying that dog's face looks like The Game. lol. Bom is precious here though. And it's nice that GD's mom is around to support him near the time of his solo debut. Reminds me of when she came around near BB's debut.

Part 4/4:

K, I know it's all in good fun, but since CL is younger shouldn't she be a tad nicer to Seungri? XD Guess she really is turning into the ~female GD~. I love Minzy though--she is so nice and really is a female Daesung lol.

Tags: big bang, tv shows, yg entertainment

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