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Lee Junki and Han Ji-min together in Hero

Finally, some news on Lee Junki’s new drama, Hero [히어로], which was announced last year but has remained rather quiet. The drama was first titled “Strange Heroes,” then “Unseen War,” and is now back to “Hero,” although the production indicates it is a working title.

Cast as the female lead is Cain and Abel’s spunky Han Ji-min, who plays a passionate reporter with a strong sense of responsibility who often grows furious at social irregularities. Lee Junki’s a reporter who rushes recklessly into accidents and incidents without fear; he’s also a guy “who doesn’t have much, nor does he want much.” As ordinary citizens, the reporters stand up against the inequalities between society’s masses and its very elite.

Lee Junki and Han Ji-min have both had very good luck with their last few projects; his Time of Dog and Wolf and Iljimae were both action hits, while her Cain & Abel and Yi San both enjoyed good ratings. We’ll see if that luck continues when they combine forces in this latest project.

Hero will begin filming in September when it finishes casting. The series will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC this fall.

Source: Osen
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