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Gdragon.. criticised for style again.

After all the interests stirred up about his new hairstyle with the concept photos to his upcoming solo album ‘HeartBreaker’ released recently, Big Bang GDragon will continue to model with his blonde hairstyle.
GDragon will be appearing as model on the cover of Nylon September issue for their 1st year founding anniversary.
And about having male model GDragon for the founding anniversary for a female fashion magazine, the editor to the magazine said, “GDragon is a style icon whom to him age and sex stands no meaningto him. This goes with the concept of Nylon as ‘new concept fashion magazine’.”
It was also said that the September issue of Nylon will be out on the same day of GDragon’s birthday on 18th August. This issue will include a 12-page special photoshoot with GDragon as well.

Ahead of his first solo album release, GDragon is criticized for his fashion again.
For the ending of episode 6 of Mnet 2NE1TV, GDragon was seen wearing a tee shirt with a picture of a naked woman printed on it.
And because of that for the 7th episode of the show aired on 12th August, the picture on GDragon’s teeshirt was blurred. But it still cannot avoid the sharp eyes of the viewers.
Advanced Television System Committee said that there is nothing inappropriate to it since it was blurred out.

Earlier, GDragon was also criticised for his outspoken fashion, with last years’ ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’ he was spotted wearing a top with the words ‘69′ and ‘I ♡ sex’ written on it and had caused an outrage because of it.
With that there were many debates about it, and it was said that GDragon has gone against the broadcast regulations by wearing a top with lascivious contents, he then later came out to apologise in an interview in November last year.

Meanwhile, GDragon was also said to have plagiarised Flo Rida’s song ‘Right Round’ for his first solo album title song ‘HeartBreaker’ after a 30s preview of the song was revealed on 11th August.

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