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Heated debate over accusations for racial discrimination for B.I. featuring MC Mong’s ‘Indian Boy’

With accusations for racial discrimination for B.I.'s new song featuring MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’, netizens get into heated debate over their responses too.

The core of the accusations start from the assertion that the word ‘Indian’ in ‘Indian Boy’ to the American natives. Also in the MV to the song, the back dancers had posed as football players and cheerleaders, pointing towards indications to the Americans again.

Netizens commented, “Do you think that MC Mong would do a song that is discriminating?”, “Criticising him unconditionally for the song, and how are you going to explain the American folk song ‘Ten Little Indian Boys’?”

While others said, “I can see the racial discrimination in the song. But in Korea, we use ‘Native American’ instead of ‘Indian Boy.”

With that MC Mong’s company said on the 14th, “It is a shame that everyone focused on what is not really meant to be of importance of the song. And the scenes from the MV are for merriment purporses and have no other meaning to it.”

“If it is wrong to use the words ‘Indian Boy’, then many trademarks outside Korea should disappear too. Enjoy the song with a big heart.”

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