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2ne1 love from fellow artists

Yoon Hyungryul talks about 2NE1

After the performance of "Nodam" in Seungnam, Seoul, what are your future plans?

Yoon Hyungryul: From now on, so I can be helpful in any musical I get involved it; for now, I am planning to concentrate on "Four-One's" activities. And to say anything, I am going to try hard so when I say "Four one", people will not ask "Are you 4minute's twins?" (laughs) Whenever I do interviews, they ask why I say "four-one" and I reply that "I am 2NE1's fan and Choi Soohyung hyung is 4minute's fan, so that's why I say 'Four-one.'" (Laughs)

Then who is your favorite member from 2NE1?

Yoon Hyungryul: Even though I like skills, I like Sandara Park the best. Hahaha.

source: 10asia + euniicutiee @ ygsecret21

Nicole (KARA) sings In the Club & thinks CL is her toughest competition

From ‘The Star’ Interview
(Nicole) is in charge of the rapping in KARA, we asked her who she thought her toughest competition was, now that a lot of female rappers are around. She answered “Of course its 2NE1’s CL. The powerful moves and voice on stage really surprised me, it was moving.”

source: video + article

YG Live TV ratings increases

The ratings exceeded 3% and for cable tv, that's phenomenal because over 1% is already considered a huge success since typical cable ratings are around 0.1-0.4% supposedly. If I'm not mistaken, the ratings peaked at 3.699% when the fitness trainer was scolding Bom for eating corn.

source: it@bbvipz + dcrux&ncly@soompi

Btw, according to her me2day, Bom's in Maryland. :D
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