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Duble Sidekick: “Loyalty is more important than money.”


Duble Sidekick reigned on the charts of the first half of 2014. From Girls’ Day “Something” to “The Lone Duckling” by g.o.d, songs of various genres grabbed the number 1 spot of the ranking charts. A Pink’s “Mr. Chu”, Junggigo’s “For You”, G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie”, Jun Hyosung’s “Good-Night Kiss” are songs created by Duble Sidekick. Duble Sidekick is getting song requests by more than half of the singers planning a comeback for the second semester of 2014.

From MBLAQ’s “It’s War” released in January 2012 until now, Duble Sidekick put out about 200 songs. “Our goal is to release up to 200 songs in order to have 400 songs registered at Korea Music Copyright Association,” they revealed. Let’s hear their story.

What is the secret for the Duble Sidekick band wagon effect?

Park Jang Geun: I think the all-in-one service is fascinating for the agencies. When we get a request, our work doesn’t end with just creating a song. We think about everything from the performance to the music video matching the song atmosphere and we explain it to the agency. Thank to this constant cooperation with lyricist – composer, we can create songs with variety. We founded our agency called Duble Kick Entertainment. Between Tenzo and Tasco, Seion and Young Kwang, we formed a 10-member team of lyricists and composers. Songs like Sistar’s “Loving U”, Hyolyn’s “Falling”, Davichi’s “Turtle”, K.Will “You Don’t Know Love”, all of them were made through team play.

The songs really have a different sound. It feels like Duble Sidekick’s style isn’t unique.

Mikey: We try our best to make music with different genres. Because of this, we sometimes hear “Duble Sidekick’s songs don’t have a definite style”. We think it’s actually a strength because the singers and the listeners won’t get bored.

Park Jang Geun: We don’t allow ourselves to make songs giving off the same vibe. Making similar songs isn’t fun. If you think about it in another way, can’t you always have fresh ideas? Because Mikey and I are working together, we never ran out of ideas. So isn’t this why there’s no overlapping items?

I’m curious about your creating process.

Park Jang Geun: Mikey handles the melody, I mostly work on the melody hook and the lyrics. Because Mikey worked as a singer and I worked as a rapper for a long time, we both have distinct personalities. This is really a big help when we’re working. I feel like we fill in for what the other is lacking of.

You’ve created 200 songs. There must be a lot of money going to your bank account each month.

Mikey: We’re scared that looking at our bank account would mess up our mind, so we make effort not to look at our bank accounts.

Singers with a sexy concept like G.Na, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, Secret’s Hyo Sung recently released songs made by Duble Sidekick.

Park Jang Geun: We tried our best to have each one of them show her personality. G.Na has this fresh and bubbly charm, Ji Yeon gives off a sad feeling. G.Na’s concept isn’t that sexy. It feels this way because the title is “Pretty Lingerie”, but it’s a medium tempo dance song with a fresh atmosphere. G.Na’s sexy image is so strong that a lot of people think it’s a “sexy concept”. Ji Yeon’s “Never Ever” is a medium tempo song and the focus was on giving a sad feeling. The choreography is sexy, but the song itself is actually very sad.

Mikey: Hyosung’s “Good-night Kiss” is a song I have put a lot of work into. I tried to do a crossover. It was a new attempt that mixed dance music and trap music. I tried to destroy the structure.

When did you start working together?

Park Jang Geun: We started in August 2011 with a small studio in the area of the power plant in Dangiri, Mapo-gu. There were times when we often struggled, even to eat, but when one project took off, requests started pouring in. So after a year and 2 months, we moved the studio to Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu. Our number of employees is increasing, so we’re building another studio.

This year, you worked with a lot of legends like g.o.d, Lee Sun Hee.

Park Jang Geun: I was under the shock all the time. Getting goosebumps while working with them didn’t happen just once or twice. The fact itself to be with them was surprising because it’s something I would have never imagined.

When did the love calls start pouring in?

Park Jang Geun: The beginning was Sistar’s “Loving U”. It was our first time seeing the “music charts sweeping”. At that time, Sistar’s “Loving U”, “Give It To Me”, Huh Gak and Jung Eun Ji’s “Short Hair”, all of them ranked high in the charts. I really had this feeling that I was in heaven.

Mikey: The first song we did together that reached number 1 was MBLAQ’s “It’s War”. I felt the greatest happiness when MBLAQ won the M!Countdown’s trophy.

Which musician would you like to work with?

Mikey: Lee Seung Gi. From this mainstream feeling to this professionnal feeling, I think he has it all. From a music perspective, he tried many different things for his latest album. This image really stood out for me.

Park Jang Geun: Younha. She has a really good voice, so I kind of think like “I want to work with her.

You’re the type to get featured on songs you write and compose.

Mikey: I think the ones creating songs are the best to express them. When I’m full with self-confidence, I personally do the featuring. Sometimes, the ones who receive the songs make the suggestion. Anyway, it’s also linked to the fact I can prepare to race on my own lane later on. (laugh)

Are there songs you gave away for free?

Mikey: A lot. Recently, we gave the song “Attraction” to Bumkey-hyung. We’ve known him for a while. We kept the promise we made about 6 or 7 years ago to make music together one day. Money is important, but we think loyalty is more important.”

Mikey, you were probably influenced a lot by your father Kim Sang Bok who was the bassist of Duck Hawk (송골매)?

Mikey: I think I was influenced a lot by Bon Jovi and Eagles whom my father likes. I’m thankful for the fact itself of being able to talk music with my father.

I heard the working process for g.o.d’s “The Lone Duckling” was serious business.

Park Jang Geun: Two years ago, when Kim Tae Woo asked us to make a song for g.o.d, it was more like a vague request. Our mindset was more “let’s make a g.o.d-like song” than grabbing a concept. It was a long project. They’d come to the studio on their own or two members at a time and recorded. Each step of the process was amazing. They’re all friends and hyungs we know, so seeing them singing together made me tear up. Right before the release, Tae Woo expressed his worries and said things like “will they like it?”, “won’t they buy it out of nostalgia?”. The atmosphere was bad and prominent singers were also making their comeback, so it was an uncomfortable situation. When I saw that the song was number one on music charts, I think I was even happier than Tae Woo. I was happier than anyone else.

Mikey: When I recorded the the guide, I didn’t feel this way. Watching the g.o.d-hyungs recording the song made me think “ah, this is the song.” The moment I heard Kye Sang and Danny’s narration and rap, Ho Young and Tae Woo’s vocals, Joo Hyung’s rap come out in order, I got goosebumps.

You’re known as popular producers.

Park Jang Geun: It’s true that the industry and the audience show interest in producers and we’re thankful for that. It’s not just about us. I think being a producer itself became a star-quality job. In the past, the importance and the existence of the producer were only between the interested parties. Isn’t the attention on the producers as things like that resurface now? I wonder about that.

What was your first dream?

Park Jang Geun: My dream was to be the best rapper in the world, Mikey’s was to be the best singer in the world. We haven’t given up on the mic yet because featurings are a good way for us not to. (laugh) The ambition we can’t fulfill can come out through the release of a Duble Sidekick’s project album.

What kind of artist do you want to become?

Mikey: I want to be a musician who marks a new era.

Park Jang Geun: I want to be a producer that will evoke this era. A lot of peole like Jo Young Soo, Park Geun Tae, Yoon Il Sang created countless hit songs. And the audience listen to their songs and keep thinking about their memories. I hope our music will be recognized in the same way later on.

What is your goal for 2014?

Park Jang Geun: We want 400 songs registered at the Korean Music Copyrights Association. We put out 200 songs in three years. We should release 200 songs this year. (laugh) After starting working together in August 2011, we can count on one hand the amount of days off we had meanwhile. We live in our recording studio 365 days a year. I think things will keep going this way.

Original article: Ilgan Sports (1, 2, 3)
Translation: @onesunnylady

im not really their fan (the numer of songs they produced this year is ridd) but this was an interesting read
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