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3rd annual Happiness Concert

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Here's another concert to look forward to! On August 22, TBS Happiness Concert will be held at Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium.

So who's going to be headlining at this concert?

2PM, T-MAX (the "YO, WHATS UP!" guy from Boys Over Flower's band), FT Island, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, and MC Mong are only some of the acts that are lined up. Tiger JK and his wife, Yoon Mi Rae, will be having a duet performance that'll surely be highly anticipated and f you're a fan of the older generation, singers Song Chang Shik and Shim Soo Bong will be performing as well. The show will be hosted by Kim Heung Gook and Jang Yoon Jung.

Tags: 2pm, brown eyed girls, concert, davichi, f.t island, mc mong, t-max

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