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Jewelry to reveal song ‘Strong Girl’ off comeback 6th album on 17th August

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Female group Jewelry will reveal the song ‘Strong Girl’ off their 6th comeback album on 17th August.

1 year and 6 months after their last 5th album, Jewelry will be back with a new album on 25th August, and ahead of the album release, they will reveal the song ‘Strong Girl’ on various music online site.

‘Strong Girl’ is written group Someday’s member JooYeong, and he will also be featured in the song.

JooYeong said, “I wrote the song with Jewelry’s impression in mind, I also put much focus on member Ha JooYeon’s rap for the song.”

Meanwhile, a teaser featuring Jewelry’s album jacket filming was revealed recently and fans are alright very hyped up about the girls’ comeback.

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