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Ji Sung Says Joo Ji Hoon Has a Lot of Drugs


Joo Ji Hoon took everyone off guard by making an unexpected comment about himself.

Joo Ji Hoon attended a press conference for film Good Friends on June 12 at the Apgujeong CGV and said, “There was a scene in the movie where Ji Sung hyung had to drive at full speed and make a U-turn. He couldn’t walk straight afterwards because something went wrong in his hip joint. But he wanted to continue filming. It was amazing. I was tired and sleepy at that time."

Ji Sung then said, “Joo Ji Hoon is like a pharmacy. He has all kinds of drugs. So I got some medicine and treatment from him,” and Joo Ji Hoon replied, “That’s a very dangerous thing to say,” catching everyone off guard as he referred jokingly to his prior drug charges.

Ji Sung continued “(Despite the hip injury) We had to finish filming the scene that day. So I had to continue filming,” and Joo Ji Hoon also shared, “He could’ve adjusted it by using camera walk but he really ran hard.”

Good Friends is a crime movie about three men who struggle between loyalty and suspicion. Ji Sung will be acting as ‘Hyun Tae’ who loses his family due to an accident and goes through inner conflicts as he traces back the case, Joo Ji Hoon will be acting as ‘In Chul,’ who wants to keep both his ambition and loyalty and Lee Kwang Soo will be acting as ‘Min Soo’ who bets everything for friendship.

The movie will premiere on July 10.


Source: Enews World, Newsen

Tags: actor/actress, joo ji hoon
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