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Sandara Park Interview on ABS-CBN Entertainment Live

Entertainment Live is a Philippine showbiz (err...popular media, gossip, entertainment news....) talk show on ABS-CBN Channel 2. ABS-CBN was Sandara's home station when she was still in the Philippines. She was interviewed here by Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano, the former being one of the MCs during Sandara's Star Circle Quest era so I guess the station thought it was appropriate since she's been with Sandara ever since she first came out on Philippine TV.

They talk to her about 2NE1 and ask her annoying materialistic questions-- trans in the cut.

I didn't translate English sentences...haha..

Toni: We are so proud..... The person that everyone missed, Sandara Park!
Dara: Hello, Mabuhay!
Luis: Welcome Back Sandara!
Toni: You have to greet them with your famous hand gesture...
Dara: Hello, how are you all? I missed everyone~
Toni: Awww...
Luis: Welcome.....[fans get excited when they played Fire lol] Yessss you're so famous now! Well this is... because the first time, you were interviewed by Bianca in Korea. Now how does it feel that you're really here with all of us, and of course....
Dara: I'm really so happy. It feels like such a short time has passed when Bianca was in Korea and now I'm here.
Toni: You're still so good with speaking in Tagalog!
Dara: Of course~
Toni: So amusing! You really didn't forget the Filipino language... So you came back last Thursday..
Dara: Yes...
Toni: Earlier I asked, where is she staying? They are staying in a hotel... But now my question is, who did you first call when you arrived in the Philippines?
Dara: Filipino handler..hehe...
Toni: Wow, Ate (-- Filipino term for older girl, like unnie) Elena?
Dara: Yeah...
Luis: With your group of friends, who did you first call? Among the SCQ group...
Dara: Oh..I didn't have a cellphone so...I couldn't call them...
Luis: With all your money, you don't have a cellphone?? (SERIOUSLY WTF)
Toni: She left it in Korea.
Luis: Ah okay
Dara: Actually, my phone was broken...
Toni: Broken? I know you can buy even 2 million cellphones with your money now... (where the hell is this coming from??)
Dara: Not really.
Toni: YES. But wait, we want to ask. Of course you're really busy in Korea, but still you were able to come here and visit us. Did they give you permission to take a vacation?
Dara: Yes, they said, we should all take a vacation for three days...
Dara: They asked me where I want to go for vacation and of course I answered, I want to go to the Philippines.
Toni: Aww you're always so sweet. But wait, Luis, we have this news...
Luis: Yes..
Toni: Apparently, this vacation has some pocket money that comes with it~ (to Dara) Is it true that you were given 1 million pesos pocket money? (yeah nice question ugh)
Dara: What, no, of course not..
Luis: 2 million?!
Dara: No...
Toni/Luis: 3 million!?!?
Dara: No! I don't have money at all...
Toni: Wooh (lol no idea how to properly translate "ikaw talaga" since it's literally "you, really..." haha)... But it's good...
Dara: I really missed everyone..
Luis: And you also have... What is it for? Are they going to show this in Korea?
Dara: Yeah, with me...We have this show called 2NE1TV...[She starts to look for the PD]
Luis: They're featuring...
Dara: Yeah, the stuff that we do...
Luis: Well, aside from everyone in the country, there are more people who miss you the most--your fans. That's why we are having a very special fans day for you right now..
Dara: Wow thanks so much for this kind of chance.
Mariel: Yee~s. Of course I just want to say thank you to Sandy first for giving me this CD. I love it! (Luis: Autographed cd) Yes it's autographed, and really these people beside me are all totally jealous. They were asking me to give them the cd instead! (haha way to go!)
Bianca: Yeah, Sandy, they really really love you! They know the lyrics to your songs and even the dance and 2NE1 TV. even the way they dress, really really fans of you guys. (Mariel: Very 2NE1~) And this is something I noticed even back in Korea, look at Sandy's accessories. Look at her ring. It's a troll....
(they talk in english...)
Mariel: ...Now I'm giving you (the fans) a chance to ask your idol some questions. Here, Maie (sup, gurl!).
firemoth_007 (hahaha sorry couldn't help it): Hi Dara~ Isn't it that ever since your SCQ days, you've always wanted to hold a concert at Araneta? Does 2NE1 have any plans of coming here to do a concert?
Dara: Of course there is! We all want to come here and do a concert. Just invite us, anytime. :)
Luis: But let me ask you Sandy. what do you say to the other members about the Philippines? Do they....
Dara: Oh yes, they even wanted to come with me. But maybe next time. They all really like the dried mangoes. (oooh 2PM lol) They also want to go to Boracay, so yeah, if there's a chance, they'll come with me here.
(next fan--Trina?): So...are there any plans for 2NE1 appearing in Korean dramas?
Dara: Not now, but I want to. Of course I want to act... Next year, maybe?
Toni: We'll be waiting for it!
Bianca: And of course we'll show it here on ABS-CBN...
(next fan--Kitkat?): If you had the chance to appear with any of the BOF boys for a drama, who would you pick and why?
[lol screaming fans...and hosts]
Dara: Uhm..I want Junpyo..because... [she didn't get to answer because the two hosts butt in with "US TOO!" "I would be content to be Junpyo's cat," and "Get us to be extras!" lulz]
(last, Melody): Were you able to meet with your SCQ batchmates, and if yes, how did your reunion go?
Dara: Ah yeah, last Thursday we met and had dinner..(blabla Anyway she had dinner and her exboyfriend was there blabla...)
Toni: Joseph was there? How was it?
Dara: Just okay, he's still the same, still late.
Luis: Oh by the way, Hero says hi too. [Hero was her team thingy. Like a couple for movies and shows and stuff. AWKWARD.] Okay, now why don't you.......
Dara: Oh, actually I don't know where you can get the CD here. You can go to Korea to buy it hehe.. Our songs are really good, please listen to it~
[fans asking for a dance sample, and she dances with 4 fans in cosplay lol]

Yeah anyway they say thank you etc etc. XD

After the show, she was able to greet the fans. They gave her gifts for YG family and the other 2NE1 members, which she talked about on her me2day here. That's about it.


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