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B1A4's mid-July comeback confirmed!!

[NEWS][Exclusive] #B1A4, mid-July Comeback Confirmed..
The current wonderfully rising boygroup B1A4 is confirmed to comeback on mid-July, the war in between lineup filled with strong names is increasing. The date has not been fixed already but it would most probably be clashing with Girls’ Day’s comeback.

The song B1A4 will comeback with in mid-July is targeting the summer market. The song ‘Lonely’ that was promoted early this year had ranked 1st in KBS Music Bank and other music shows for two weeks in a row and had gotten high rank in both digital and physical sales, also thanks to the perfect timing, had made people’s interest in B1A4 grow. Because summer is the time for mega hit to show up, people has a lot of expectation for B1A4’s title song, seeing that they have their own peculiar music style.

Nowadays the members’ personal popularity is also in the rise. Baro is involved in dramas and variety shows such as tvN’s ‘Reply 1994’, SBS’ ‘God’s Gift’, and even the cheering squad in MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’; while Sandeul receives great acknowledgement through KBS’ ‘Immortal Song’. Jinyoung himself has stood in a spotlight after getting acknowledges as a musician for the self-written songs.

It is still not revealed about whom has written the song but the representative had said that there will be something different.

Now the revealed lineup for July comeback shows strong competition. Starting from 1990s representative god, 2000s representative JYJ and also YG’s new rookie group, Winner.

The competition between girl group is also high. F(x) who has always made a mega-hit in summer has a top probability of having comeback, the group who always burn the chart fown in every album Sistar is also scheduled to have their comeback. Girls’ Day who made a hit warly this year with the song Something is also confirmed to have their comeback on mid-July.

source: OSEN
Translation cr. Kei (@812addiction) for Aviate B1A4. Please do not remove credit when reposting.

source: osen + aviateB1A4
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