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New Boy Group HALO Releases First MV Teaser for “Can You Hear Me?”

New boy group HALO is quickly coming up on their debut, with the recent release of the music video teaser for their first mini album, 38 Degrees. The new teaser gives us an up-close look at each of the members, as well as a sneak peek into the sound of their new song, “Can You Hear Me?”

HALO’s agency AYIN Holdings said, “Especially of note in the new teaser video is HALO’s harmony. The video and previously released teaser images are completely different, but the video shows more of the members’ natural side.”

They continued, “HALO, who worked really hard to perfect their debut, dream to be ‘One Direction’ of Korea.”

The group’s single album and title track music video will be released on June 26.

Soompi, 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)
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