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2NE1's me2day Updates: Summer Vacation Edition

Dara, CL & Bom (finally!)'s me2day updates about their vacations!

#16.08.2009 Sandara: diz is for ma pinoy frnds! nandto nako sa korea!thank u sooo much for ur support,sa love,sa mgagifts for 2NE1 and yg family! sobrang natouch ako! i m…

#16.08.2009 Sandara: Arrived at Korea!!! The road home… I had great memories made, nothing special happened right!! Today our MingKki will be doing a dance battle on Inkigayo today!! Since the unnies will not be around, everyone please go and support!^.^ MingKki hwaiting!!!!

#16.08.2009 Sandara: Oh oh oh!!! Did you see?? Did you see our Minji?Oh!!!ㅠㅠWoa~~!Woa!!! Big hit! MinJi is the best!ㅠ Originally I wanted to go to Inkigayo to give my support, but after I fell asleep I overslept!ㅠSo I’m so sorry… Our maknae after all!!ㅠDid really well!!!Since I brought back many present, I’ll give for sure!!^.^

#16.08.2009 CL: IM BACK!!!

#16.08.2009 Bom: 2NE1’s secret memberㅋㅋI’m at the airport with Jeon JiHyun PD^^

#15.08.2009 Bom: Having dinner~~~!!^^ㅋㅋ
(I SEE YOU CHEESECAKE FACTORY. I was just at a CF the other night.)


FYI: Dara went to the Philippines, CL went to Japan, Minzy went to see her grandmother and Bom went to the US (Maryland).
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