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T-ara’s Eunjung Once Had 1-Minute Date with Boyfriend

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung confessed that she once had to be satisfied with a 1-minute date with her boyfriend, due to her busy schedules.

Eun Jung recently attended recording for JTBC’s 19-plus talk show Witch Hunt along with F-VE Dolls’ Seung Hee and openly shared some of her dating stories, surprising the MCs.

Unlike other members of girl groups, Eun Jung freely made 19+ comments, making MC Shin Dong Yeop say that, ‘she should become one of the fixed members of the show.’

When MC Shin Dong Yeop asked how she usually enjoys her dates, the T-ara member answered, “It was hard for me to set aside time for my boyfriend due to T-ara's busy schedules. So once, I even met up with my boyfriend for just one minute, before I had to leave.”

Then the MCs started making guesses on what they could possibly have done in that one minute, making the whole studio burst out laughing.

The full episode featuring Eun Jung aired on June 20.

Source: mwave
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